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  • Haihua curtain fabric
    Main Products: The curtain cloth
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Shop No.64257, Street, Floor3, Gate No.94, MarketInternational Trade Mart (District 5).
Introduction: 本店经营工程布,全遮光,半遮光 绣花布 窗纱 压花 ·承接各种外贸订单,厂家直销,可以批发,零剪 可加工成品 量大从优 ... more

  • Introduction: 本店经营工程布,全遮光,半遮光 绣花布 窗纱 压花 ·承接各种外贸订单,厂家直销,可以批发,零剪 可加工成品 量大从优
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