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  • Yiwu Chendong Electronics Firm
    Main Products: Flashlight bulb lamp light bulb resistor capacitor battery toys, switch and socket connector small motor buzzer IC toys metal hose accessories alligator clips the second transistor oscillator bridge series
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  • 黄以良
  • Mobile: 0579-85188684
  • Phone: 0086 57985188684
  • WeChat:13605827490 13777914215
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Shop No.18684A, Street6, Floor3, Gate No.45, MarketInternational Trade Mart (District 2).
Introduction: Yiwu morning East electronic store (formerly known as electronics accessories/bright lighting) is lo ... more

  • Introduction: Yiwu morning East electronic store (formerly known as electronics accessories/bright lighting) is located in the Yiwu international trade city market (g 6 entrance, 3/f, 45th Street) 18684A. Yiwu morning East electronic firm main merchandise is: buld, krypton (argon) gas mine bulb, meters bubble, lamp, NE bubble, potential device, UL plug tablets, socket accessories, (LED, and halogen, and Xenon) car (motorcycle) bulb, General incandescent decorative bulb, LED bulb, reflection bulb, mushroom bulb, lamp bubble, refrigerator bulb, flame bulb, pulled tail bulb, halogen bulb, halogen lamp Cup, tungsten, resistance, capacitor, battery tablets, Wo Tsai tablets, toggle switch, light touch switch, ship type switch, vibration switch, By button switch, DC socket, line beam, connection line, small motor, hollow Cup, bee Ming device, bee Ming tablets, timing IC, Hammond organ IC, alarm IC, voice IC, recording IC, flash lamp IC, goose neck tube, lamp hose, metal hose, toy accessories, LED low voltage lamp Cup, LED guardrail tube, LED soft lamp article, LED cellular lamp, LED days lantern, LED points light, sterilization lamp, guide bile bubble, crocodile clip, DC line, audio line, diode, transistor, Crystal vibration, bridge heap series. Yiwu morning East electronic business has always been "on quality, customer is the God" principle, welcome new and old customers patronised us!
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