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  • Natural habitat jewelry
    Main Products: Natural crystal, tourmaline, amber, amethyst cave, ruby, sapphire, tanzanite, coral, exotic stone, sculpture, ring ring face, breast pendant bracelet material, crystal ball,
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Shop No.60561, Street2, Floor1, Gate No.103, MarketInternational Trade Mart (District 5).
Introduction: Join the chain and win together! People on the natural habitat in heaven unexpectedly! \"Natural hab ... more

  • Introduction: Join the chain and win together! People on the natural habitat in heaven unexpectedly! \"Natural habitat\" is a registered trademark of the we apply for the national industrial and commercial bureau, natural habitat began in 1990 to present natural habitat jewelry co., LTD. Is specialized in various kinds of imported natural crystal, stone and other natural stone jewelry, craft sculpture of the production and trade, products are mainly collected from Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Zambia, countries such as India, Thailand, Madagascar high quality natural ingredients, combined with the rich Oriental culture, seiko fine cut like nature itself. The main products are: natural aloes, various crystals, tourmaline, red coral, amber, beeswax, red and green gems, aragonite, garnet, moonstone, tanzanite, topaz, etc. Made products have ring, ring, eardrop, chest pendant, bracelet, waist chain, anklets, necklaces, natural crystal chess, go, pillows, mattress, cushion, curtain, crystal cornucopia, amethyst hole and chest inlaid with gold, platinum pendant, rings and other high-end jewelry; More collectible value of the sculpture set pieces, crystal ball, seal, snuff bottles, strange scenery of different stone.
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