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  • Main Products: Leggings, pantyhose, stockings, socks, God pants, gloss pants, mask pants, pants
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Shop No.33238A, Street19, Floor1, Gate No.85, MarketInternational Trade Mart (District 4).
Introduction: Dongyang Poetry Joe Clothing Co., Ltd located in China Hosiery - Zhejiang Dongyang, owned entity und ... more

  • Introduction: Dongyang Poetry Joe Clothing Co., Ltd located in China Hosiery - Zhejiang Dongyang, owned entity under the wire museum exhibition, the company specializes in knitwear development, production and sales of brand enterprises in Yiwu International Trade City. Since 2010 venture with a flexible operational mechanism, and all the staff of hard work, uphold create value and share the concept of value, the company has achieved rapid development, now has imported Waji 120, 16 professional and technical personnel, the total number of employees up to 110, sales are doubling again and again maintained a momentum of rapid development, at this stage the company mainly produces all kinds of high-grade socks, including pantyhose, foot pants, pantyhose, one pants, body pants, stockings, etc. other knitwear, after years of efforts the company sold products with excellent quality and reasonable prices, innovative style and other advantages of expanding domestic market share, loved by consumers, and strengthen brand awareness on the company's future strategy will be maintained At the same time the company's rapid development, and gradually "snow Choi Fox" brand into a national and even world-renowned brands, so the snow fox color socks into millions of households! Shop Main: stovepipe socks, one pants, leggings, stockings and other products, the company has a sound scientific quality management system and improve after-sales service recognized by the industry. Welcome friends to visit, guidance and business negotiation.
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