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New Century Curtain DecorationReport Shop
Shop No.64419, Street4, Floor3, Gate No.95, MarketInternational Trade Mart (District 5).
Introduction: Yiwu new century window ornaments professional engaged in home and Office curtains development produ ... more

  • Introduction: Yiwu new century window ornaments professional engaged in home and Office curtains development production processing and one window ornaments enterprise, new century window ornaments shops is located in international city five district 95th, door three floor a street 64352 commercial bit, shop left above is aluminum Venetian, Venetian has plastic Venetian and aluminum Venetian, aluminum Venetian has monochrome, spent tablets, wood lines, stickers, spray painting, and also has various thick tablets, as 16 silk, 18 Silk, 21 silk,, price very offers. Plastic Venetian blinds s-shape as the main production, s-shaped louvers without distortion, well shielded easy to use, very popular with users. Shop for flagship product, soft curtains, Shangri-La's curtain, is a very popular product designs look good, fashionable, easy to use and so on, deeply domestic and foreign customers. Shutter on the right, a variety of patterns, colors, styles, coat shade is also very nice and generous, customers buy most products at home and abroad. There are craft curtains, butterfly curtains, wide variety of colors and styles available, retail drapery is the side, also called vertical blinds, although the style is not much, but many colors, good function, simple and generous, favorable price and quality for Office. leisure ideal for curtains. New century tracery outlets show all curtains can be customized according to customer specifications and dimensions, a large quantity of very favourable, welcome domestic and foreign merchants to come to purchase.
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