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Sand disc
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  • Updated: 2017-12-27 11:41
  • About Product:Sand plate is also called the vulcanized fiber grinding, high speed grinding and grinding disc, which piece of slow sand plate and steel use is more, it is vulcanized fiber matrix, silicon carbide or corundum as abrasive, through synthetic resin or other synthetic adhesive bonded to form a kind of wafer coated abrasive tool.
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It includes sandpaper and flannelette, a combination of the two, and processes several axial holes in the sandpaper and the flannelette, which are used for grinding and processing. Use cloth with soft nap of block adhesion tray Velcro tape, assembly easy to use, but also use sand paper and axial hole on the cloth with soft nap of block absorption of dust, powder produced by machining process in time, improve the machining accuracy, reduce dust, powder, good environmental protection, improve the working environment.

Features:The production is simple, the cycle is shorter,High strength, good toughness,Good rigidity,Easy to use, good processing effect,The specification variety is more, the use more widely.

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