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Cute headphone headphones 中文版| Report Item
Cute headphone headphones Cute headphone headphones Cute headphone headphones
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  • Updated: 2018-07-11 14:50
  • About Product:The factory accepts OEM/ODM orders at home and abroad, high quality and low price, the after-sale service is guaranteed, we are dedicated so we are professional. Adhering to the principle of customer first provides high quality service to our customers
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The new Japanese girls' headsets
Creative upgrades, more fashion, more freedom, more cuteness, no longer have to worry about my headphones.

The cable length of the headphone line is 1.2 meters and the long - line and 3.5mm gold-plated plug
It is suitable for all kinds of MP3/4, ipod, ipad, iphone, computer, etc., etc
The earphone stereo is very good, the bass is moderate, the human voice is very clear, and relatively close. The overall feeling is balanced, especially for the popular type.

U-10 毛绒绒插线语音带麦大耳机 (2)
U-10 毛绒绒插线语音带麦大耳机 (3)
U-10 毛绒绒插线语音带麦大耳机 (5)
U-10 毛绒绒插线语音带麦大耳机 (4)
U-10 毛绒绒插线语音带麦大耳机 (1)

The new headphones don't get full power right away, don't turn the volume up to the maximum, otherwise it's easy to damage the headset.
Normal usage:
1. Use the volume of a normal listening tone for a third of the volume of the headset for 12 hours to 24 hours
2. Use two thirds of normal listening tone to drive the headset for 12 hours
3. Use normal listening strength to drive the headset for 72 hours
4. Use three-fourths of the normal listening tone to drive the headset for 24 hours
5. Enter normal use stage
6. At normal use, the volume will not be too high at the maximum volume of two thirds
Take your headphones off while you sleep and avoid making them bad
These are some of the advice of the machine, and you can make your own love machine according to your own needs.
Headphones can't work for long! Because the voice coil has the resistance, the working time is long will be hot, can not make a bad and possibly burn the sound circle! It's best to stop for a few minutes every two hours and then \"boil\" it.
Volume 2. Don't be too big, earplugs diaphragm is very fragile material, the volume will make the voice coil motor stroke more, make diaphragm was intense, lead to voice coil loose, make diaphragm deformation even torn.


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