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European shell ornament 12 constellation shell pendant sweater chain pendant 中文版| Report Item
European shell ornament 12 constellation shell pendant sweater chain pendant European shell ornament 12 constellation shell pendant sweater chain pendant European shell ornament 12 constellation shell pendant sweater chain pendant
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  • Updated: 2017-12-08 10:40
  • About Product:Each product is unique because the material is made from natural shells, so each product will be different in color.
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The price for this item is to be negotiated. Please contact supplier for further information.
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Material: shell
Style: popular
We focus on long-term credit and your long-term support. In the process of transaction, if it is our negligence, we will definitely solve it. But in order to avoid the error of understanding between the two parties, please carefully read the following question before the buyer makes sure to purchase the following terms and conditions without further notice.
After the order payment is submitted, the goods will be shipped within two working days. In the absence of the goods, we need to make a reservation. The time will be arranged according to the specific circumstances. The customer will provide a refund application during the waiting periodDon't accept.
Chromatic aberration
Because of the effect of shooting techniques and light, at the same time, because every computer screen resolution is different, all can lead to between pictures and in-kind visually produce off color, please customers friends compassion and understanding.
Returns a replacement
Since we have a large number of products and fast circulation, it is difficult to carry out a careful inspection of each item one by one, and any product has a certain percentage of defect rate. Therefore, it is inevitable that baby has minor flaws. The wholesale customers themselves are also retail sellers, hoping to understand more.
To avoid unnecessary trouble, we were packing packaging for you, will the products one by one check, and completes the protective measures, avoid the loss caused by transportation, as far as possible to ensure that the products are in good condition. But no one is perfect, if there is any problem, please follow the following terms:
We are going to return the goods for you.
- our reason for the shipment is wrong, the style is inconsistent with the products you ordered.
- the product has obvious quality problems, such as broken needle, drop drill, spare parts, etc. (color difference, small size difference, objection to workmanship, all are not of quality problem).
2. We cannot handle the return goods for you:
- color difference problem
- small differences in size
- slight workmanship
- question of subjective preference
- man-made damage

- the materials used are not consistent with each other


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