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Crystal Necklace sweater chain long tassels in Korea women Western jewelry 中文版| Report Item
Crystal Necklace sweater chain long tassels in Korea women Western jewelry Crystal Necklace sweater chain long tassels in Korea women Western jewelry Crystal Necklace sweater chain long tassels in Korea women Western jewelry
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  • Updated: 2017-09-13 13:33
  • Company personnel nearly, fast shipping, there are more than 10 years experience in foreign trade jewelry production, original hand-made jewelry, unique style, high cost performance, occasional new every week. Hot styles fully stocked. Address: eastward expansion, 3/f, unit 2, international trade City District 103684 Tel: 15867997832 contact: Wang Qunfeng website: http://zhuliu. yiwugou. com
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Above 60pcs   ¥ 9.50 /pc
24pcs ~59pcs   ¥ 10.00 /pc
3pcs ~23pcs   ¥ 18.00 /pc
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-And abrasion-proof description

&Nbsp;   not placed with other jewelry or wear, avoid colliding friction, causing cracks and scratches.

Collision-proof hand-beaten

&Nbsp;   Crystal surface like a mirror, you should try to avoid perspiration, grease and dust contaminate and tarnished. After each wear jewelry, use mild soap and water and a soft brush brush, this is the most simple and convenient cleaning method water gently rinse the jewelry can also be used. After cleaning the jewelry placed in lint-free towel hand dry. Large ornaments can be placed in a safe place, and if it has dust,] use fluff-free cloth lightly dust can also be directly flush with water, and put it in a cool place to dry naturally. Crystal of high hardness brittle, cannot hit it hard or falls from a height or weight, so as to avoid fragmentation. When handling large crystal ornaments or utensils, should seize the base of the Crystal or crystal ornaments as a whole, not just picking top and extension parts of the Crystal.


&Nbsp;   nature of the crystals is very stable, fracture or other associated minerals of nature may change, so should be avoided with strong acids, strong alkali exposure chemical and other items, these chemicals along the crevice corrosion of Crystal or other minerals.

High temperature

Don't suddenly into the Crystal in high temperature water, high temperature makes the crystals have a large crack or fade easily, causing unnecessary damage. Amethyst jewelry should be avoided as heat and radiation, to keep the color and luster. Crystal jewelry should also avoid exposure to direct sunlight or strong light in the Sun to prevent fading. Jewellery display cabinet Crystal cannot be used in strong light shines for a long time, or bile crystal water may dehydrate, Crystal colours will fade





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