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Foreign trade Weihuo gold velvet stealth boat socks students socks socks socks socks manufacturers low - cost wholesale 中文版| Report Item
Foreign trade Weihuo gold velvet stealth boat socks students socks socks socks socks manufacturers low - cost wholesale Foreign trade Weihuo gold velvet stealth boat socks students socks socks socks socks manufacturers low - cost wholesale Foreign trade Weihuo gold velvet stealth boat socks students socks socks socks socks manufacturers low - cost wholesale
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  • Updated: 2017-05-12 10:18
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Above 1000pcs   ¥ 1.60 /pc
60pcs ~999pcs   ¥ 1.90 /pc
12pcs ~59pcs   ¥ 2.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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This section of the socks is a single order more orders, the material is made of 280 grams of velvet fabric,

4 colors: black, dark blue, beans gray, red dates

Welcome to buy, can also be customized other models Oh contact 15868981117 Chen




All the goods on this site are basically real pictures, detailed description, material, size, size and so on. Please feel free to buy.

01 color difference description: Due to take pictures of the background. Light and computer monitors the degree of reduction caused by the difference between the color and color of the product will be different, not within the controllable range, not a quality problem. Commodities shall prevail in kind. Are basically hand-processed, color and small flaws are very concerned about carefully consider and then decide whether to order.

02 on delivery: After the buyer has made a payment, we will be in 48 hours (two days) for delivery, basically before 4 pm payment will be issued in the same day the goods. (Except on Sundays) We will call you or call us out of stock. When the goods are shipped with a special picking staff check the invoice and goods, check the correct and signed on the invoice with the goods together after the issue.

03 Express logistics: Our default courier. For other courier please contact the online customer service. Such as courier less than or in urgent need of goods, please contact customer service hair and postal courier. Bulk goods must be shipped to the logistics and customer service instructions to the nearest logistics company address, the name of the consignment station. So that you can mention the goods in the shortest possible time, the nearest place. Solemnly declare that express and logistics are not about us, please do not express and logistics service attitude and the length of time to reach the dissatisfaction as the basis for our evaluation.

04 About sign: When the goods must be served when I sign, such as family, friends, guard and other receipt, are regarded as my sign. Please be sure to check on the spot after the check. If the goods in the transport process is damaged, please directly to the delivery staff to verify the claim or refused to sign.

05 on sale: Since the date of receipt within three days if the quality of the problem please contact us, we will give a return and replacement of the reply, overdue no longer accepted. Such as the quality is no problem, do not return handling, just do not like their own, and the picture is too different, unsatisfactory, dissatisfied or not imagined so good and other subjective factors lead the buyer to buy the product is not allowed Returns.

06 About evaluation: Your loyal evaluation, is our unremitting power forward, if the goods received and feel happy, please give us encourage the praise, once the problem is not satisfied with the timely and customer service communication, any questions can quickly solve you , The first time to remove your questions and dissatisfaction, but also you a pleasant mood.


The company engaged in production and processing nearly 20 years, professional knitting industry product development and production, with more than 100 employees, all kinds of processing equipment, foreign trade and domestic 兼营, has been to the credibility of the company. Based on the quality and quantity for the guests service. The products are sold to more than 10 countries, independent research and development, design a variety of styles of fashion socks, gloves, floor socks, cotton socks, and so on more than 100 products, months have new models, products exported to the United States, Japan, A country, quality and cheap, praised by domestic and foreign customers, with a number of brand companies to establish a good trade relations. The company is small, first-class service, first-class products is our aim, customer satisfaction is our greatest success. Company is located in Zhejiang Yiwu World Trade Center near the traffic is convenient, freight logistics is first class, welcome customers at home and abroad visit. Sample custom, proofing free.

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