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Set kiln Goda candle sets of kung fu suits creative ceramic gifts tea sets中文版 | Report Item
Set kiln Goda candle sets of kung fu suits creative ceramic gifts tea sets Set kiln Goda candle sets of kung fu suits creative ceramic gifts tea sets Set kiln Goda candle sets of kung fu suits creative ceramic gifts tea sets
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  • Updated : 2017-06-13 09:57
  • God set the kiln white tea, God set the kiln black tea, God set the kiln green tea
EXW Price:
Above 120pcs   57.00 yuan/pc
40pcs ~119pcs   62.00 yuan/pc
19pcs ~39pcs   67.00 yuan/pc
The above price(s) DO NOT include tariffs, duties, Value Added Tax (VAT), shipping charges etc.
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The above quotation does not include the price of the gift box, if you need to buy a gift box can be bought separately, the picture in the bottom of the gift box, high-end gift box, a 17

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common problem:

& Nbsp; & nbsp; 1. Why do you sell so cheap, the price of a mall than you double?

We areDirectly from the manufacturerDelivery to your hands is a wholesale behavior, reduce the intermediate links, try to Rangli to you.

& Nbsp; & nbsp; 2. How many We can less wholesale price?

We are regardless of the size of the same customers, are online price. CorrectSmall batchsamestand by

& Nbsp; & nbsp; 3. Can it be cheaper? Can you mail?

We are markedAre real price, Wholesale is to take the amount to the principle of small profits but quick turnover. Declined to bargain! Prices are not included in the price. (For the reduction of freight costs proposed package from the set)

How much is the freight Are you expensive? How long is it? What is the damage in the transport?

China's vast variety of freight different, we will try to help customers save freight costs, the logistics is slower than the courier to be a little psychological preparation Oh! Found broken out of the box in time to take pictures to us, will give youBroken cover, Try to be perfectSo that you are satisfied!

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