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Factory direct sales carpentry hand nail gun gun three strong nail gun gun gun gun straight wholesale 中文版| Report Item
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  • Updated: 2017-03-16 13:58
  • About Product:Direct selling manual nail gun, nailing gun, nail gun (blister). The nail gun is mainly applicable to: decoration, signs. For a sofa, a chair, a cushion, a sleeve, a spring, etc.. Bookshelf, kitchen rack decoration. Use gun needle type: 1008F 13/4/6/ packing: 48 / box
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  • commodity weight: The number of 0.475 kg/ cases : 48 / box gross weight: 23 kg/ box

Factory manual nail gun, nailing gun, nail gun (blister). The
nail gun mainly applies to:
decoration signs. For a sofa, a chair, a cushion, a sleeve, a spring, etc..
bookshelf, kitchen decoration frame.
using needle type: 1008F 13/4/6/
specifications: normal size
packaging: 48 / box
features: strengthen the comfortable type manual nailing gun, simple operation, easy, Unisex, lightweight and easy to carry, suitable for outdoor use. The handle is wider than the ordinary type, slightly shorter than the big handle, and is more suitable for long-term use, the hardness of the handle is strengthened, the failure rate is reduced, and the strength of the nail is strengthened.
uses: This product is mainly used for (1) wedding decoration, decoration, signs, for the sofa, a chair or cushion sleeve and spring etc.. The lining of a bookshelf, kitchen cabinet, closet, closet, etc.. Art supplies. (2) ms with very convenient, billboards, canvas frame nail nail etc.. The best lady. Light and effortless. (3) nailing gun nail fir, nanmu, poplar, pine, three ply, billboards, picture frame, canvas bag, sofa, nail motorcycle cushion and so on, very simple and practical. (4) the tension frame \ \ \ canvas nail plate nail advertising paper, home furniture, sofa, bench, trim nail painting, so that the special family, essential tools!

Use: this gun does not need air compressor gas, as long as the suitable nail gun installed can be used in tank gun, which belongs to a manual nail gun is convenient. In addition to its volume small, the carrying is convenient. Baby pure metal manufacturing, not easy to damage

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