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L55056 hot selling classic pendant chain chain multi color pendant lamp 中文版| Report Item
L55056 hot selling classic pendant chain chain multi color pendant lamp L55056 hot selling classic pendant chain chain multi color pendant lamp L55056 hot selling classic pendant chain chain multi color pendant lamp
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  • Updated: 2017-03-16 09:11
  • About Product:The input voltage of the European standard American Standard can, can configure the bulb.
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type number: L55056, L55056-A, L55056-B, L55056-C
class type: chandelier
overall size: diameter 50cm height of 56 cm
Material quality: iron + + acrylic colorful hand woven
industry art: spray / hand woven
for space: 25-30 square meters
Light source: E14 lighting 40W
power source: 5*40W (5)

nominal price is for reference only, do not do the actual transaction. Please contact us before buying customers

1: buyers before goods photographed, please carefully check the film products, please carefully check whether or not in line with their needs, to prevent take not to buy cause unnecessary waste, please respect each other all the fruits of labor;

2: before buying, please communicate with us through Wangwang, shipping time, delivery methods, such as a clear understanding, if you do not want to communicate with customers, please read the product description and then photographed the purchase. To avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

3: if taken styles have a variety of colors to choose from, please in the reference picture and detailed in the message box specify the color, we will take this as the standard, the photographed and no in the message box indicate other colors, shall be the default for the picture color styles.

4: as a result of personal aesthetic as well as the display of color rendering technology and other reasons, the product color and the actual may be slightly different, please have the kind of.

5: please check the delivery as soon as possible damage, a problem please contact us within 48 hours and provide photos, we will free replacement. Lamps and glass products are fragile goods, long time damage responsibility is determined, more than 24 hours after the damage we will according to the cost charged to assist the reissue. Thank you for your understanding!

6: after the receipt of goods without damage and other conditions, please 2 days to confirm payment, that must be installed before payment approach is not appropriate for 48 hours after delivery, not confirm payment customers, we will be deemed a waiver of all customer service service. If there is a quality problem after installation can not be properly solved, complaints to Taobao. Please rest assured!

7: Buyers after receipt of the purchase of goods, if you have any questions, please timely call or message contact us, "to meet your needs is our mission," we will properly solve the.

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