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12 snow bud flower simulation set 12 small Potted Lily silk flowers中文版 | Report Item
12 snow bud flower simulation set 12 small Potted Lily silk flowers 12 snow bud flower simulation set 12 small Potted Lily silk flowers 12 snow bud flower simulation set 12 small Potted Lily silk flowers
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  • Updated : 2016-08-08 09:37
  • Flower pots have more than one color, random delivery. Each single packaging box, a pack of 100, two can be mixed, each color has 5 color.
EXW Price:
Above 500pcs   6.50 yuan/pc
100pcs ~499pcs   7.00 yuan/pc
The above price(s) DO NOT include tariffs, duties, Value Added Tax (VAT), shipping charges etc.
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Mail to buy@yiwugo.com, if failing to contact supplier.

flowerpot specifications: 8cm*9cm

overall height: 17CM

treasurer message;

small flower pots, delicate and elegant

no matter in any place, are able to attract your eyeball

let your mood every day happy, happiness is always around you!!


style: two

contact us:

contact: Zhou Xia

Tel: 137 5095 0705

shop name: pisifera process

store address: Yiwu International Trade City District 3 Building 9 street C3-7658 business

Take note: online shopping simulation

1 flower is filled transport in the box, is on top of each other, take out shake can be placed under the restored.

2 leaves and stems plant flowers hair coat, avoid hair loss, non quality problems.

3 simulation of flowers and leaves are inserted into the process, if occasionally drop, please plug can be good, non quality problems. Most of the export products are not glue, in order to protect the environment. So it is difficult to avoid the occasional turn off the leaf.

4 single part of the small defects are inevitable, will not affect the family decoration.

5 each time to shoot the picture, because the light time position angle as well as the background color is different, the little color difference how many will have. We have been trying to restore the real itself.

6 heads out how to do? Silk flower production is flowers and leaves Zizhi dry parts inserting, so some flowers from the branches to the kill from the belongs to the normal phenomenon, only need to plug up oh.

Based on the above , please friends before the start of the first good, critical and the pursuit of perfection or careful passing.

warm prompt : handmade products, unable to do each have a completely consistent, dimensions are for reference only and received the flowers, such as flowers or foliage loose, Lao trouble can be re plugged.

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