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The factory sells spot to supply PVC inflatable toys for children中文版 | Report Item
The factory sells spot to supply PVC inflatable toys for children The factory sells spot to supply PVC inflatable toys for children The factory sells spot to supply PVC inflatable toys for children
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  • Updated : 2017-12-06 12:54
Unit Price:
Above 720pcs   2.30 yuan/pc
The above price(s) may be subject to tariffs, duties, Value Added Tax (VAT), shipping charges etc.
Supply Quantity: 100000pcs

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1. Precautions


1. For the first time, please choose an environment with high temperature after 24 hours after receiving the goods. When the temperature is low, the inflatable toys will harden.


2. Inflate the right amount and don't overdo it. Do not exceed 90 per cent to prevent damage.


3. Never jump on an inflatable product.


4. Avoid placing inflatable products near flame and high temperature objects.


5. Avoid damaged surface of the inflatable toy.


6. Soak in warm water when freezing below freezing in winter, and wash it dry.




2. Repair instructions

After filling product use birdbath to detect leakage points, find leak point record leak location, with air bleeder insert gas deflated, glue on the air leakage points above a few, put eight hours later, the light touch mend, if is completely dry, can inflate again, to this, the repair is complete.



Partial delivery mode for customer reference:


1. Car delivery: (recommended by this center)


 Yiwu small goods consignment is developed, to all parts of the country have consignments. The weight is generally 0.5 yuan/kg, according to the volume of 80-120 yuan per cubic meter.


2. Delivery delivery: (fast transportation but high freight)


Through YunDa express, zhongtong express, yuantong express, shentong express, along abundant express delivery, applicable to the vast majority of zhejiang, Shanghai, jiangsu province city of delivery, this invention to commonly, door-to-door delivery, big big volume weight of the goods is not recommended! 



-shopping instructions -

1. Please accept the package when receiving the package! If there is a shortage or quality problem, please contact us immediately for proper handling. After the package has been signed, the goods will be satisfied.


2. 12 bags of inflatable toys (with 10 packages), the goods will not be changed, because the manufacturer will not be able to return the goods, please understand. 200 yuan of leather goods to complete with a glue and so on, individual leakage of the annoying please dear friends.


3. In sync with the physical store, please consult the baby before dear friends.


The product means that you fully understand and accept the shopping instructions of the store unconditionally!


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