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Creative foreign trade TV hula hoop hula hoop seven detachable hula hoop 中文版| Report Item
Creative foreign trade TV hula hoop hula hoop seven detachable hula hoop Creative foreign trade TV hula hoop hula hoop seven detachable hula hoop Creative foreign trade TV hula hoop hula hoop seven detachable hula hoop
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  • Updated: 2018-03-30 15:04
  • Creative foreign trade TV hula hoop hula hoop seven detachable hula hoop
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Brand: AMINA Material: +pp magnet Number: 0134
Applicable crowd: General Application: home, travel, office etc. Product type: detachable hula hoop


* roller combination type massage magnetotherapy hula hoop fitness circle

Europe and the latest popular

use daily massage principle make it close to the waist compression effects of acupuncture and moxibustion,

relieve constipation of fat to lose weight the best sports entertainment products

[product name]: magnetotherapy hula hoop, seven detachable hula hoop, fitness equipment

1. assembly: please directly inserted through groove and smooth mouth tightly; the connecting section of the tightened, two steps can be completed.

2. this product is composed of a plurality of sections, the user can freely adjust the individual needs

3. travel or storage can be easy to carry, hula hoop split, especially suitable for travelers.


Dome shaped massage ball 1, with inner magnetic beads can effectively promote the subcutaneous fat movement to body, magnetic therapy and health care efficacy;
2, composed of seven sections of pipe hoop, disassembly, convenient to carry;
3, using high quality plastic, compressive resistance to fall, not easy to burst due to collision; 4,
section massage limbs, relieve local physical fatigue.
5, perfect technology, feel better, use experience better.











[features] 10 minutes a day for 1 weeks constipation disappeared in 1 months the waist slim using magnetic massage principle make it close to the waist compression acupuncture effect, relieve constipation of fat to lose weight the best sports entertainment products
magnetic massage ring is based on the old hula hoop fitness, a new type of fitness activities and the development of developed using magnetic massage movement principle

1. Squeezing effect of acupuncture and Moxibustion: using the principle of magnetic massage body-building movement, to the abdomen and waist like magnetic massage and acupuncture like squeezing effect. Using one of the world's most advanced technology of digital TV
mobile TV, and compared with the previous analog TV, digital TV image stabilization, vivid colors, clear picture, not exist ghosting caused by multipath reflection, and signal attenuation caused by the picture distortion, also received high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability. Due to the adoption of wireless receiver, program content timeliness and other play equipment compared with obvious advantages. Treatment of constipation: regular use of magnetic massage fitness circle, so that the waist wound, can play a role in stimulating the intestine, the treatment of constipation, effectively eliminate the pain caused by constipation, but also your healthy body.
3. Weight loss: magnetic massage fitness circle center force than the actual weight movement effect 4 times, through the magnetic field of magnetic field on the waist and rotating magnetic massage fitness circle a lot of limb movement, effective fat burning, can achieve fitness goal in weight at the same time, to lose weight two.
4. Safety: due to the magnetic massage outer ring is composed of ABS material and the magnet, enhances the product itself comfort in practice and use, will not hurt or injury to the abdominal muscles and skin, as long as the coordination of body movement, can promote the circle rotation, no muscle strain or sprain happen.
5. Uses: magnetic massage fitness circle can also exercise the arm, chest, back, waist and legs and other parts.
6. The utility model has the advantages of convenient storage, magnetic massage body-building ring, no folding of the old hula hoop, easy folding, and convenient carrying.
7. Li products: This product appearance design is exquisite, novel, color collocation is bright, suitable for people of all ages, is the best gift for lovers and friends.

massage block 1 ergonomically arranged, can enhance the intensity of movement, and health.
2 new joint design group, disassembling, use should not loose.
3 undee shape design is not easy to slide, easy to learn, easy to master. 4 of all manufacturing high-quality
PE material, is not easy to burst due to collision.
5 multi section combination design, free assembly size, convenient carrying and outdoor use.

Slimming massage slimming massage hula hoop is composed of a plurality of dome shaped massage block with arc tube assembly. It breaks through the old hula hoop is convenient to carry, does not have the disadvantages of easy to use, simple assembly. It can not only like the traditional hula hoop that turn, achieve the effect of body fitness, but also rotate at the same time, help you massage the body, health care of the dual role. Can consume more abdominal fat in a short time.

Proper use of hula hoop

Waist and belly of the meat for some people is very difficult to reduce, and now again the rise of the national movement - Hula hoop. In the end the hula hoop can not lose weight. Hula hoops can be thin waist?? is not reduction of waist and abdomen falling meat? Use the hula with which pay attention to matters, correctly use the hula in order to achieve the best effect.

Hula hoop do not use too heavy (preferably 2 kg)

Hula hoop some weight will have better massage effect, there are a lot of extra heavy hula hoop is not suitable for women in general use. The first is not conducive to the hula hoop is too heavy for long time shaking, it is also bad for the body coordination. Long time shaking hula hoop heavy burden for internal organs and muscles. Never abuse over his body, even if the pelvic bone around after a long time the impact will be damaged. The hoop should not be too heavy, but it should not be too light, too light the hula hoop turn up muscles will be particularly demanding. The weight of the best in the hula hoop that can take.

Hula hoop of the best time of 15 minutes or more

Selected his hula hoop, you can exercise the quantitative timing. The first stage of the hoop, the next day will likely waist ache, the future will gradually improve. Therefore, one from every 4 days to every day or two days a step by step. The hula hoop belongs to heat consumption less aerobic exercise. Continued to slow the movement of the fat burning is good exercise, in order to achieve the best slimming effect, the movement required remained at more than 30 minutes. Let the waist and abdomen of the fat in the exercise and massage a little bit of the double effect of burning.

Hula hoop rotating speed should not be too fast

Turn hula hoop to keep stable uniform motion, not too fast and act with undue haste. The body feels relaxed, breathing evenly is appropriate. The foot must not be deadlocked, can slightly move, to avoid long time repetitive motion leads to fatigue of local muscles and joints.

Hula hoop can thin waist, but it is still a kind of systemic movement, is very healthy. Turn hula hoop can also do some simple body relaxed, hands gently beat the waist and abdomen, to smooth the blood circulation.


rookie Home Furnishing Co. Ltd. Zhejiang sales center in Yiwu, convenient transportation.
1, for your consideration to reduce freight costs, convenient pick up customers, we will send you the shipping advice, logistics transportation safety, to pay the freight, in accordance with the volume calculation (single online freight column can be zeroize);
2, if you have the demand, can also send Debon logistics, world ARIMA Kakichi logistics company;
3, the volume is not great, since it is not very convenient for customers to express delivery, according to the actual charge.
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