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Health magnet magnetic ball Rugby magnetic ball toys中文版 | Report Item
Health magnet magnetic ball Rugby magnetic ball toys Health magnet magnetic ball Rugby magnetic ball toys Health magnet magnetic ball Rugby magnetic ball toys
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  • Updated : 2016-06-20 14:36
  • Is now widely used in craft gifts, bags and stationery, bags, leather paper packaging class round, square, concave and convex shape, etc. according to the customer application or request processing customized a variety of specifications and various forms of product orders, please contact 13588609159 a small square quantity big price interview
Unit Price:
Above 3000pcs   0.58 yuan/pc
300pcs ~2999pcs   0.60 yuan/pc
The above price(s) may be subject to tariffs, duties, Value Added Tax (VAT), shipping charges etc.
Supply Quantity: 100000pcs

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Our company mainly produces ndfeb.

common round, square, circular, tile, sink hole, cylindrical grinding angle etc..

can be produced according to customer requirements.

basically on the common market can do

you only need a telephone.

our offer, will let you heart.

our quality will make you satisfied.

our customer service, will let you rest assured.

cooperation is harmonious, not empty slogans, give us a chance, also let you choose more than one.

contact: red Tel: 13588609159

The following products are goods ! Welcome to consult!

factory direct sales! Quantity is big first!

direct manufacturers, quality assurance! large congyou!

address : Yiwu International Trade City Second District 40, 2 floor 8 street 15006A

contact: party Hongying

Tel: 13588609159

QQ: 648325941

shop to ensure 100% in kind shooting, but because of the computer display reduction reason may produce color, please eventually in order to prevail in kind

the sale of goods in this shop are authentic, quality assurance. due to manual measurement with small error difference

Hongying magnet
Contact: 方红英
Telephone: 86 57985297459
Mobile: 86 13588609159
Email: 648325941@qq.com
Address: 15006A, 8 Street, 2F, 40 Gate, G2-International Trade Mart (District 2),Yiwu,China
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