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Direct manufacturers led hurdle lamp ocean sky air tunnel of light beam中文版 | Report Item
Direct manufacturers led hurdle lamp ocean sky air tunnel of light beam Direct manufacturers led hurdle lamp ocean sky air tunnel of light beam Direct manufacturers led hurdle lamp ocean sky air tunnel of light beam
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  • Updated: 2016-01-20 11:15
  • About Product:Led hurdle lamp marine sky air tunnel of light beam
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product information

[product name]: marine air column tunnel lights the sky

[type]: LED lamps

[flux]:68 (LM)

[material]: iron shell

[put form] : ornaments

[size]: 3000*700 (mm)

[life]: 50000 (H)

[can dimming]: no

[ protection grade]: IP65

[usesrange]: widely used in City Road, street, Garden Plaza


product introduction

Product Description:

1, voltage: 12VDC, 220VAC waterproof power support

2, LED Source: (SMD3528.5050 module)

3, power: 40-75W


LED lamppost landscape art lamp is indispensable in the modern landscape. It not only has high ornamental, also emphasizes the artistic lamp of landscape and scenic and historical and cultural, environmental harmonization. Tunnel landscape art lamp with different shape, different color and height of landscape. For example: free to fly, mega Ruixue year, auspicious, peacock, booming, peace auspicious, flower clusters Fairview Bama take-off, dish rhyme, sun flower, double red lanterns light the lantern shaped landscape lamp for square bring a jubilant atmosphere.

shopping need to know

1, about  product

buy our goods within 24 hours of delivery, delivery time and customized products to the customer service communication time. This shop for supplies

, shortage situation is very normal, if you purchase the goods are out of stock, we will inform you the first time.

out of stock products for refund

2, on the quality of

prior to delivery of the goods will have special packing department, there is no problem with the quality, but can not do 100 percent, if the product does exist the

body defects, please receive 48 hours contact us, you must properly solve

3, the size of the problem

each product has been measured with the size of each method, about 1CM error is normal. If the post to recommend

The size of the error reasons to blame the seller, then I am sorry, do not accept this reason to return

4, on the color

chromatic aberration is a network of sellers of any unavoidable problems, color there are many reasons, such as different camera, different display,

different light and the environment, the color is everywhere, after all, machine is not a person's eyes, we will minimize the objects and pictures of

color, the color will not as bad, or returns the reason.

5, a product replacement problem

1) please communicate with customer service before return, the details, in order to track your return to get timely treatment

2) must maintain the integrity of the packaging products (please bring product packaging, not directly in the original carton paste or writing)

3) customers to the product color or style designation, we will try our best to meet, but can not guarantee 100%. As a result of color or style will not be returned .

4 for damage in transit goods shall be presented within 24 hours after receipt of the goods, and with the company after-sales contact customer service registration, more than the default for the faulty goods intact

5) the following conditions can not enjoy return: return of the product packaging damaged or incomplete, accessories or product related information not neat, not authorized unauthorized repair or change installed, not according to is normally use or storage

6 after-sales service is the basic service of the company, we willing to provide good after-sales service, at the same time, good after-sales service also need customer with, please in front of the goods of exchange a purchase carefully reading the above description, please follow the above system to handle, so as not to affect the quality of after-sales service

Company profile

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