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China Unicom classical Chinese characteristics 中文版| Report Item
China Unicom classical Chinese characteristics
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  • Updated: 2016-01-15 17:05
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product parameters

brand: Xinyuan lighting

model: XY-YL82

type: LED style lamp

shell material: PVC

Could you please adjust the light

Input voltage: 12 (V)

Flux: 55 (LM)

Power: 105 (W)

Lifetime: 80000 (H)

Size: 2000*1000 (mm)

Protection level: IP65

Use range: is widely used in City Road, street, square, garden halls of the night lighting construction. It is the auspicious cultural festival lighting, decorative effect


The company to: "the production of the best quality products, to provide the most preferential prices, to ensure that the best customer service" for the purpose of winning the favor of customers. To the quality of survival, reputation and development for the business philosophy has won the recognition of customers. As long as you flick the jade, the rest of the things we have to do. All parts of the factory producing and distribution of stable quality, style xinyi. 
not afraid, afraid of goods than goods

Production equipment description:

1. The company produces LED pattern modeling iron frame lamp from cutting, bending iron, welding, powder were mechanized speedy completion. To completely replace the original manual operation is slow, and so out of hand product size is not uniform quality defects. The factory equipment can be mass production.

Pattern with the waterproof foam shell glue lights on the function of automatic welding machine, injection molding machine, filling the glue machine, waterproof glue oven is integration of mechanical production. Products from parts to finished products are one-stop production, products with the quality assurance, greatly reducing the production cost. Sequenced in each industry and trade strictly the quality pass, in product pre-sale and after-sale have maintained good communication with customers. To achieve the service aim of our factory: "the production of the highest quality products, the most preferential prices to ensure the best customer service."

Factory quality management:

. Shipping in and oven temperature detector are strict I plant the quality from the incoming inspection, process inspection and outgoing inspection strictly controlled. In the quality inspection of the series of the factory invested a large number of test equipment, such as LED light source, the light source burn-in boards, the light source, the light decay detector. The current value detection instrument, power meter. Each factory staff are to undergo a rigorous professional skill training and after passing the examination before induction, I plant to develop a complete set of quality management system, the product of the quality assurance products shipped after my factory in the warranty period will continue to tracking quality in place. To ensure that the products use safe users rest assured.

Product description:

1 Product Name: LED Chinese knot

2 working voltage 220V.

3 working life: 60000-100000 hours.

4.LED lighting products: 13MM diameter round wire.

Compound 5 this product rainbow tube is an ultraviolet ray cold resistant PVC material, in the outdoor waterproof, used for a long time does not fade.

6 the product packaging bag bubble wrap, iron frame protection outside, the product will not be damaged during transport.

7 this product can be customized according to customer requirements (length width and color lamps, lighting changes. Often bright or controller).

8 this product is simple to install, just put the screws on the lamp ring pattern lock.

9 this product is safe and reliable, all the firmware and materials are through scientific computing, a long time test, wind, waterproof, anti rust, product safety, users can rest assured to use.

Product application: a road lamp pole, landscape lighting, entertainment, holiday decoration, decoration store, bars, nightclubs, streets and lanes of the decoration.

1, due to raw materials, goods will be out of stock and price increases (price), so please contact me before you buy the product.

2, the company products are customized products, before the production need to pay 30% deposit, balance paid before shipment 70%. All the goods 
3, the factory enjoy customer service service: 
(1) to ensure that each product sold by stable performance, reliable quality! 
(2) provide lifetime free technical support! If you have any need, we can send the guidance of engineering and technical personnel to install. Do full service. Said to do, never empty promises. 
(3) all lighting products in the factory will immediately distribution installation instructions, such as: Controller - because of his many effects, do not understand can, please refer to the instructions, please take good care of, convenient maintenance in the future. 
(4) in order to ensure the safety of goods sent to your hands on, if there is no any problem with appearance inspection of packing box, at last, please sign in the logistics companies face out of the box! Check whether the material and other accessories are complete, so as not to lose the logistics company event. 
(6) as manufacturers, we will carefully treat each transaction that we try to make every buyer satisfied.

Product Name: led Chinese knot lamp 
products applicable occasions: 
scenic spots in the square, Plaza Shopping Center, garden pavilion, door, commercial street, pedestrian street, residential areas, green, lawn, garden landscape, tourist attractions, road landscape decorative lighting; 
product reference number 
light source: LED 
voltage: 12vDC
power: 15-75W

Product specifications (mm): 1200*2800*55 1000*2400*55 900*2000*55 680*1400*55 1000*2400*55 900*2000*55 680*1400*55

Material and production process:

, a product shell and the inner plate material

1, shell material: the whole PETG shell.

2, technology: a molding plastic, environmentally friendly non-toxic glue packaging, automatic laser engraving, to ensure the accuracy of the appearance.

3, quality description: the thickness of the shell thickness error is not more than 0.2mm, edge error is not more than + 2mm. Ambient temperature at -20 - 60 degrees Celsius inside and outside the shell is not changing.

4, in the plate material: inner plate is a transparent acrylic plate transparent 2-3mm thick

Two, support

1, material selection: 20*20 square tube

2, process: argon arc welding, appearance by the three dusting treatment.

3, quality description: 20 * 20 square pipe by argon arc welding which support the work solid and beautiful, dusting treatment and ensure the stent smooth, beautiful, and for a long time does not fade.

Three, source

1, material selection:

(1), a lamp: original Taiwan wafer chip; automatic dust-free workshop, with first-class automation machine selected piranha beads or SMD 3528 and 5050 beads.

(2), all waterproof light source, all the light source are sealed by filling.

2, process: full automatic patch resistance, low temperature lead-free solder reflow,

3, quality instructions: four inspection and testing, all products are 100 percent full inspection and two aging test to determine the quality of products.

Four, the power

1, material: professional CCC certification, all aluminum alloy shell with overload overcurrent protection circuit and voltage regulator constant current output circuit, can be guaranteed in the 85-260V voltage working environment to stabilize the normal work.

2, process: the full thermal conductivity silicone sealing, peripheral all aluminum alloy shell heat sink.

3, quality description: 60-280V input voltage stable work, waterproof grade up to IP67.

Product use: 
led China's knot lamp from the structure divided into vertical led Chinese knot lamp and free hanging type led Chinese knot lamp two, such Chinese knot lamp composed through special treatment led Chinese knot products, applicable to VIP visit, festive hour, added to the major roads in the city street lamp pole, does not require increased street lighting facilities, and can be used permanently, for the city to add the most Chinese characteristics of the festive atmosphere, using led Chinese knot decorative lamp road construction period is short and has the advantages of convenient installation, with permanent. The direct hanging type is a special product which is directly added to the street lamp pole by the LED Chinese knot lamp. The use of this product is removed from the road engineering foundation and decorative pole etc.. Under the capacity conditions allow the use, has the advantages of saving time and money, the vertical led Chinese knot can be directly installed in scenic spots in the square, Plaza Shopping Center, garden pavilion, door, commercial street, pedestrian street, residential areas, green, lawn, garden landscape, tourist attractions, King on the road decorative lighting!

The division LED Chinese knot lamp characteristics (advantage) in detail:

Light body material: lamp, modified PETG (non crystalline polyester). The modified PETG plate than general acrylic hardness 15 to 20 times, 5 to 10 times higher than the tough impact modified acrylic. In the processing, transportation and use of the process with sufficient capacity to prevent the rupture. PETG sheet can be sawing, cutting, drilling, punching, cutting, riveting, milling and cold, not as broken, is more durable than acrylic. It contains UV absorbers that protect the plate from harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, which can keep the product's tenacity and prevent yellowing. So excellent weatherability, appearance and color can be in 5 years of visual observation no obvious fading. Excellent chemical resistance, PETG plate can tolerate a wide range of chemicals, as well as commonly used cleaning agent. PET board substrate materials are environmentally friendly materials, in line with the requirements of food contact management.

Tassel: PC (polycarbonate), heat resistant, impact resistant, flame retardant, have good mechanical properties in common use temperature range. The same sex can be close to PMMA, the impact resistance of polycarbonate is good, high refractive index, good processing performance, do not need additives on the V-0 UL94 flame retardant properties.

Light source: light emitting diode (LED). The production of Taiwan's wafer chip, has lower attenuation characteristics, effectively guarantee the lamp used for years, and higher light efficiency, the lighting energy consumption is further reduced.

The lamp body molding technology: knot lamp body adopts a special large suction pressure plastic production equipment, large arc mould forming a three-dimensional.

The appearance of the lantern with the lamp body and the lamp body is not fringed optical structure of materials, structural materials to hide inside the lamp body.

Power driver: the power driver uses a separate design with the circuit board, ease of installation and maintenance. And the waterproof package, a suburban environment and the use of harsh climate.

Line and circuit board: the whole light with a total of thousands of bright light-emitting diode (LED). And clever use of a string and technology power supply mode, greatly improve the reliability of the whole lamp, make sure not to because of individual beads failure caused the whole lamp does not shine, the whole lamp life of not less than five years.

Effect during the day and night lighting effect: because the lamp by copying three-dimensional curved surface mold, regardless of day or night lights, are able to express Chinese knot Panchang knot rope round bar and weaving effect, PETG good light transmission rate to ensure sufficient brightness of the lamp body and arranged in high density LED beads ensure the whole lamp brightness uniformity. Because of the Chinese knot lamp body part without the appearance of a non optical structure material, so the lights when the whole lamp full-bodied shiny, obverse and reverse sides of uniform and with nature. From copying the image of Chinese knot point of view, the Chinese knot lamp products comprehensive lighting the national art form, which is the products different from other products of the same name.

Structure: the inner and outer support frame is directly connected to ensure that the whole lamp has enough mechanical strength. Stent in stent surface processing, external stent using galvanization and outdoor spray fluorocarbon lacquer processing, five years will not rust; the stent is using thermal plastic processing technology, not only to eliminate the bracket of the rust problem, but also greatly improve the insulation strength of the whole lamp.

Product packaging: packaging carton with high strength paper, high density foam fixed, protect products from damage.

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