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35*66 hollow metal decoration crafts accessories accessories leaves 中文版| Report Item
35*66 hollow metal decoration crafts accessories accessories leaves 35*66 hollow metal decoration crafts accessories accessories leaves 35*66 hollow metal decoration crafts accessories accessories leaves
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  • Updated: 2016-01-20 11:11
  • Supply all kinds of styles sizes of hollow iron decoration accessories iron crafts accessories, good quality and styles, wide use, such as clothing gloves hats bags shoes, welcome new and old customers to order.
EXW Price:
Above 20000pcs   ¥ 0.20 /pc
1000pcs ~19999pcs   ¥ 0.21 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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shop product variety style complete price concessions quality assurance
for ordering the goods to the store to find the samples can watch store address on the third floor of the 11 street 28086 Business English garment accessories No. 66 east door

first thanks you to enter our website. As a seller, we will provide you with the best products and services beyond your expectations. For better cooperation, we outline the cooperation process in the common problems, summarized as follows:
1. We accept the production of a variety of products. You can first consult us, we will tell you the product material and the application scope, and can satisfy your request. You can also provide pictures or real samples. The principle of
we order there is no limit to the number, but very few products will lead to higher prices.
(3) in general, we sample fee negotiations, send the sample freight collect,
4 customers to custom make new products we didn't die, customers themselves bear the mold fee. If your order is large, the mold fee can be returned.

. The color of the product is hand debugging, small color difference should be accepted.
we according to your request, we ensure the transportation packaging safety products.
seventhly, order confirmation after 30% advance payment as deposit, before the ship balance paid before shipment [sample or order first after receipt of deposit began production, hope you could understand. ]

[use] mobile phone beauty, notebook beauty, mirror, lighters, cosmetic box, MP4, car beauty, stick the logo, home decoration, wallpaper ornament and so on, stick to what shining to which, very beautiful fashion! General nail using 2mm or 3mm bradawl mainly, stick phone with 2.8 mm to 4 mm, specific see individual be fond of, big diamond embellishment, a bradawl patching.


(1) mobile phone: 13867934651 13600598071

(2) company plane: 0579 - 85160782 Fax: 0579 - 85167742

(3) E-mail: 498291799@ qq.comQQ: 498291799 2467577265

(4) after-sales service: 13600598071
locations: Yiwu International Trade City District h on the third floor 28086 business 11 Street No. 66 East Gate English garment accessories telephone; 0579-85160782

[customer notice]

1, the company products self-produced self marketing, Valet mold production, price concessions.

2, the company's products fully stocked, conventional models and colors, perennial spot.

3, because there is a little difference in the color of the light. If the color requirements of very precise, please prior contact with customer, express real color samples.

4, has doubts about the quality and style of the goods, please contact customer service before purchase. After receipt of the goods, please check the quantity and quality of the goods in the first time, if there is any doubt, please contact the customer service in the first time, the company will be properly resolved.

[minimum MOQ]

product is a color of a package, according to the number of different packing size. Does not provide a package of mixed color wholesale.


not package mail (the company of the default courier, SF Express customers for the can also be designated courier can also be sent to the customer the city designated shipping shipping department)

please and sales staff say clearly to reach fast delivery, if do not reach was returned, and another shipment costs need your own responsibility, generally shipped in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai is 1 ~ 2 days to, other area is 3 ~ 5 days to. Shun Feng express arrive the next day

[about the picture and color:
all of the products are 100% in kind shooting, if buyers need to use the product images, please explain in advance. Otherwise cause misunderstanding, will produce the buyer's complaint.

for taking pictures, because the computer display and light, there may be color error. Please forgive me! If the buyer can not accept the color of the first set can be accepted after the re ordering. The number of

product is called out of the workers, more or less, but the error is not great. Totally unacceptable to the number of buyers can be accepted after the first order.

[remittance card number]

bank account 95599 8038 95599_8038_70791_31810 95599_8038_70791_31810 username Lu Rongying

bank account 62270_0146_36000_26613 0146 36000 62270_0146_36000_26613 username Li Jun

if need other bank please contact customer service
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