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Not for high quality viscose paper crafts accessories indoor Mini thermometer thermometer thermometer 中文版| Report Item
Not for high quality viscose paper crafts accessories indoor Mini thermometer thermometer thermometer Not for high quality viscose paper crafts accessories indoor Mini thermometer thermometer thermometer Not for high quality viscose paper crafts accessories indoor Mini thermometer thermometer thermometer
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  • Updated: 2018-04-29 13:38
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product information

[product name]: paper thermometer

[model]: 13*3.0CM viscose

[size] products: 13*3.0CM disk thermometer

[material]: paper + glass rod

[color]: white black font,


2.5*0.8CM specific square size, base 3.8*0.9CM 4.2*1.1CM 4.5*1.1CM 4.4*1.2CM 5.3*1.0CM yellow and white 3.9*1.3 4.5*1.3CM 4.5*1.6CM 4.6*1.2CM 5.5*1.2CM 6*1.3CM 6*1.5CM 6.2* is 1.2cm 6.5*1.3CM 6.8*1.1CM 7*1CM 7.0*1.2CM 8.5*1.5CM 8.7*2.2CM 9.5*1.3CM 10.5*1.5CM 12*2.3CM 12.5*2.5CM 13*2.3CM 13*3.0cm 14*1.2CM 15*2.0CM 16*2.5CM 19*3.0CM

2.5*1 double circular 3*1 double circular 3*1 semicircle 3.8*1 double circular 4*1 semicircle 4.8*1.8 semicircle 5.3*1.1 double circular 5.5*1.0 semicircle 5.5*1.8 semicircle 6.9*1.4 semicircle 9*1.5 semicircle 5.5*1.8 double circular 5.5*2.2 double circle 5.5*2.7 double circle 7.5*2.1 double circle 10*1.5 double circular 10.*2.0 double circle 12.8*2.5 double circle

1.1*3.8CM black 1.6*3.8CM black

above dimensions are in accordance with the size of the amount of paper, not red core size.

The use of products

professional production card thermometer, sticker thermometer, aluminum licensing thermometer, thermometer PPC, Han Department of table table core suitable for resin gifts, plastic gifts, tourism activities calendar, watches and clocks equipped with such crafts. The factory is a manufacturer, according to customer requirements specification size (12*2cm - 2.8*0.8cm, and other smaller and more production) and the temperature scale (-20 for the special scale of --50 for the production of customer requirements) to produce.

Seiko technology of thermometer factory is card thermometer, aluminum board thermometer, sticker thermometer, PPC thermometer, thermometer table core products such as professional production and processing of the individual business , corporate headquarters located in Jiangbei District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, , Seiko temperature degree meter factory has a complete and scientific quality management system. Seiko thermometer factory integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all circles to Seiko thermometer factory visit, guidance and business negotiation on

your understanding and tolerance is our greatest support and encouragement!!

after sale service

5, a product replacement problem

1). Please contact customer service to communicate with customer service before the return, so that you can track your return for a timely manner.

2). The product must maintain the integrity of the packaging (please bring packaging products, not directly in the original carton paste or writing)

3). We will try our best to meet the color or the style of the product, but can not guarantee the 100%. As a result of color or style does not match the goods will not be returned.

4) for transportation of damaged goods, the goods must be raised within 24 hours after receipt of the goods, and the company's customer service contact registration, the default is the default for the goods in good condition.

5). The following conditions can not enjoy the return: returned products are packaging damaged or incomplete, accessories or product related information not neat, not authorized unauthorized repair or modification, not according to normal method using or storage.

With the 6. After-sales service is the basic service of the company, we are willing to provide good after-sales service, at the same time, also requires customer after-sales service good please in front of the returned goods carefully read the above description, please follow the above system to handle, so as not to affect the after-sales service quality.

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