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Factory direct simulation fruit / false simulation of PU / Hami Muskmelon Fruit festival decoration promotional gifts 中文版| Report Item
Factory direct simulation fruit / false simulation of PU / Hami Muskmelon Fruit festival decoration promotional gifts Factory direct simulation fruit / false simulation of PU / Hami Muskmelon Fruit festival decoration promotional gifts Factory direct simulation fruit / false simulation of PU / Hami Muskmelon Fruit festival decoration promotional gifts
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  • Updated: 2015-11-20 14:07
  • About Product:Material: foam hand rubber processing customization: categories: plant put: ornaments, fruit shape packing: OPP bag packaging independently origin: Zhejiang print logo: whether you can supply of patent: no
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Material: foam rubber Custom processing: Yes Category: plant
Put ornaments form: Form: Fruit Packing: PP bag independent packaging
Origin: Zhejiang You can print LOGO: Whether the patent source: no
Surface process: Painting Material type: plastic, resin Production process: Bionic

[product description]

A simulation of decorations is simulation fruit model, instead of the fruit is really used in some fruit display needs to obtain the visual effect of the display occasions. Simulation fruit overcomes the fruit placed for a long time, it will rot, decay, and smelly and easy to be animal Diao walk, eat and other issues, is the best choice for replacing the fruit to display.

[] product advantage

1 , simulation fruit using environment-friendly foam, resin and other materials;

2 , simulation fruit simulation degree, appearance, size, and fruit is really exactly the same, not careful observation or weigh weight is difficult to distinguish true and false;

3 , simulation fruit low price, to meet the needs of customers to display the ;

Bad, not decay, not bad, not smelly, are not afraid of being eaten, whether it is open-air, high temperature, wind blowing, insolation environment did not affect its normal visual effects; 4, simulation fruit is not afraid of a collision, not crashed

5 , simulation fruit uses the environmental protection material, no pollution, for eating only " taste like chewing wax punishment does not produce toxic effects, of course, that not simulation fruit can eat the reason.


to meet the procurement needs of many small buyers and Taobao shops,

dear, today, the factory can support small mixed batch.
single order total more than equal to 300 yuan (most of the products can be according to the minimum unit of packaging quantity MOQ), you can enjoy the wholesale price, from the factory mixed shipments.

should pay special attention to Oh:
(1) simulation flower / small pot type, single monochrome minimum batch packaging for this product minimum packaging in box number ( see the above [the product outline]) . If there is no box please follow the MOQ price range set can be photographed.

(2) simulation of fruits and vegetables, the tentative for: price 1 yuan of the following goods , monochrome single paragraph minimum quantities of 100 ; unit price 1 - 5 yuan , monochrome single paragraph minimum volume 50 . Other consulting online customer service.

(3) because small orders, factory also according to the ex factory price wholesale, profit is really poor, so not like Taobao retail as package mail. Delivery charges are borne by the ordering party. A small amount of goods is proposed to express the economy, a large order of the general cargo proposal (factory in Pujiang, but the goods are basically sent to the neighboring Yiwu city delivery. Yiwu freight developed, basically all parts of the country have line).

(4) small mixed batch of orders in general are is many styles, single paragraph number less, picking complex (factories are in a single batch production, not to stock the product. Therefore, it is necessary to some production picking time). Small mixed batch orders in a week after the general distribution of delivery, the specific delivery time depending on the number and variety of varieties. Bulk order production delivery time to negotiate.

(5) in addition to the product has effect on sales of serious quality problems, the factory goods once sold, delivery, nonreturnable / replacement. Please purchase special friends also hope to understand the factory think thrice before acting, hard work, thank you ah!

[] products making plans

PU material / Hami Muskmelon

specifications: diameter 24cm

foam / trumpet netted melon melon (10.5cm in diameter)


Zhejiang Wanxin simulation handicraft factory is a focus on the simulation of the arts and crafts development, production, sales, and approved by the relevant departments of the state registration of enterprises. Currently in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, and the river has two production base, the main production and operation of products include: " high simulation flowers " series, " simulation fruit " , " simulation vegetables " , " emulational bonsai " series. Product modeling vivid, novel and unique style, are exported to Europe and America, the Middle East, Japan, Africa and other countries and regions, by domestic and foreign customers.

I plant adhering to the " people-oriented, advocating natural, beautiful, environmental protection " , is committed to the development, the production of bearing the Chinese wisdom and superb skills of technology products, and be promoted, and let the world of different countries and regions, each with a family, because of Wan Xin Crafts Decorative times and Tim and warmth of the spice of life.
sincerely welcome to contact and cooperation at home and abroad all friends!

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