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Factory direct table tempered glass electric glass turntable 中文版| Report Item
Factory direct table tempered glass electric glass turntable Factory direct table tempered glass electric glass turntable Factory direct table tempered glass electric glass turntable
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  • Updated: 2017-12-03 15:18
  • About Product:Products suitable for restaurants, outdoor, high-end hotels and other industries, with practical, durable, high grade and other characteristics.
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the glass turntable volume is small, easy to accumulate, the transportation is convenient, and is suitable for various occasions, widely used in, restaurant, wedding, outdoor conferences, hotels and other places. Has the advantages of small volume, easy accumulation, easy handling, etc.

glass turntable overview: This product is suitable for high-grade hotels, restaurants, outdoor industry. With practical, durable, high-grade etc..

glass turntable product features

glass turntable base after one of the mold, the subway and base, aluminum alloy base, stainless steel base, the chosen according to customer requirements, general manufacturers recommend selection aluminum base, allows the use of life assurance, and secondly, the price relative stainless steel have price, on the base of the subway, we generally do not recommend buying, after all, the dining environment is easy to rust damage, as a durable goods, at least, to 10 years, the surface of the base for copper carved gold-plated surface, pattern for the color of dragon and Phoenix series.

evaluation a high-quality glass turntable depending on glass turntable base bearing, bearing is equivalent to a pillar, it is not critical bear the glass weight, but also bear the weight of something in the glass rotating disc, if some low quality glass turntable bearing quality but off and soon scrapped. At that time for catering enterprises is a big loss, let the customer to the enterprise reputation produce adverse effects. Buy glass turntable first try, on the flat surface of the force rotation, see if the rotation of the turntable is smooth, smooth, the process of rotation can carry much weight.

The conventional grinding glass turntable hotel with the edge of the duckbill can be divided, twin duckbill straight edge, round edge, four. Can use a variety of glass technology, computer embroidery, carved, a variety of patterns to choose from, can depend on customer requirements. General glass turntable. The thickness of 10mm and 12mm respectively two, the glass must be to be tempered, market and some of the low price of the glass turntable, one is base bearing is a bearing of the inferior base is subway, second is tempered glass without doing. Glass toughened, impact strength is higher than that of ordinary glass 4 ~ 5 times, can withstand 300 degree heat, safe and reliable. Selection of high quality glass turntable is the best policy.

glass turntable maintenance

Maintenance of glass turntable: maintenance rather than maintenance, glass turntable is often handling products, daily maintenance maintenance is very important.

1. daily work before you check the glass turntable is smooth, whether there is sundry desktop. Prevent scratches

2. cleaning cushion moisture and impurities, so as to avoid damage to the product.

3 does not use glass turntable please clean out the dust adhered on the cushion, to prolong the service life of the product.

4 timely replacement of wear damage of the cushion, to facilitate the normal use.

5 glass turntable need gently, do not readily abandoned, so as to avoid unnecessary damage to the product.

6. please use the work in the scope of use, do not use the cushion on the station.

volume products: Pro choice for support for our, because we are wholesale cheap to run, so general is mainly take the logistics (shipping) number more or less, places near and far, logistics costs are high and low, the company does not undertake any freight, only bear the consignment of goods, after the goods will be close to the local transportation company telephone contact designated the Department of consignment delivery, generally Pro must bring their own identity card went to pick up, such as the need for door-to-door to affinity transport companies to discuss, door-to-door transportation costs of the company is to add on. Look like products in order to improve the efficiency of saving Pro waiting for the sample of the time, we will use SF EXPRESS express to pro, shipping costs are required to pay, the inconvenience of the! The shipping company is a package for the calculation of the unit, we can play more than a pack to fight as much as possible to help save the cost of shipping. Freight to the logistics company at the bottom of a single.

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