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Double lace Earrings copper incense censer 中文版| Report Item
Double lace Earrings copper incense censer Double lace Earrings copper incense censer
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  • Updated: 2017-11-20 11:46
  • About Product:He is burning incense appliance for spices.
The price for this item is to be negotiated. Please contact supplier for further information.
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product information

[name] double lace Earrings really copper incense burner

[price] 4 inch 42 yuan /

5 inch 58 yuan /

6 inch 78.00 yuan / a

7 inch 135 yuan a /

8 inch $175.00 /


4 inch diameter of about 10cm incense (OD) the total height of about 7.5cm, weighs about 500 grams of

5 inch diameter of about 12.5cm incense (OD) the total height of about 9cm, weighing about 600 grams

6 inch diameter of about 15cm incense (OD) the total height of about 11cm, weighs about 1000 grams of

7 inch incense burner port diameter of about 17.5 cm (OD) total height of about 12.5 cm, weighs about 1450 shell & lt P align = "left" style = "font-size:24px; color:#333333; font-family:Tahoma, Arial, Arial, sans serif; background-color:#FFFFFF; ong>

[] the following details show


incense burning incense appliance for spices, it has four kinds of effects . First, to worship gods and ancestors, give a person a kind of fragrance, quiet, solemn sense. Second, reading, writing when scholars make the air fragrant incense, play a refreshing effect. The three incense, clothes, increase comfort. Fourth, as Wenwan appreciation, for room decoration. This is applicable and can be used as decorative incense with swing appreciation, but also can be used as a collection of.

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