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Original gateway 90cm/80cm/70cm-style green Hula Hoop fitness中文版 | Report Item
Original gateway 90cm/80cm/70cm-style green Hula Hoop fitness Original gateway 90cm/80cm/70cm-style green Hula Hoop fitness Original gateway 90cm/80cm/70cm-style green Hula Hoop fitness
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  • Updated: 2015-11-26 09:24
  • About Product:Gateway-friendly Hula, layer PE pipe and surface environmental protection PVC color management, durable, and weight-loss product fitness choice, the gateway Corporation patent product
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Supply Quantity: 100000pcs
  • Brand: gateway
  • Name: Grace green Hula Hoop
  • Colors: Orange, blue, pink, green (pictured)
  • Material: PE materials within pipes, color PVC ribbed tubes
  • Size: see chart below
  • Type: plastic
  • Package: one with
  • Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Note: shipping color random

  • Passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, patent number: 03222853.8
  • Contact: Sian flying
  • Contact phone: 13735722506

  • Method of use: position stand rotation when hip tummy and chest out, twist around, body balance

    Effect: thread balance around the scroll, burn fat, lose weight fast

    Care: wipe with a damp cloth after each use a little detergent to wipe the surface clean

    Note: 1. Please do not exercise within half an hour before and after meals, such as strong twisting waist loop sites sometimes have a slight ache, due to normal movement.

    2. not cleaning this product is directly down into the water to avoid water entering the pipe could not be readily excluded

    Hula Hoop exercise features:
    1, how long the movement to achieve fitness results?
    Wave Hula Hoop is a systemic campaign can achieve slimming effect of movement, but campaigns time must be long enough. Wave Hula transport
    intensity are not very strong, but the exercise longer and continuous movement, reached the stage of aerobic exercise, so that it can burn stored bodyFAT and excess calories. Exactly how long it should be shaken to achieve results? May wish to refer to the National Sports Commission will put in place the "333" exercise,exercise three times a week, for at least 30 minutes at a time, beating up to 130. Due to lack of wave Hula Hoop exercise intensity, if you want to increase the heartrate, it is necessary to speed up the shaking speed.
    2, the heavier the hoop better?
    In fact, not the heavier, the better. Perhaps of the Hula Hoop at the beginning of the moment, needs to take greater effort to dump it, but after they
    become a kind of inertia, the emphasis is moving time must be long enough or short strenuous exercise without exercise only for musclesoreness of the meat, do not consume extra calories. In addition, the Hula hoop in a vast strike the organs within the abdomen, back (kidney), too heavyhoop larger relative impact power, may have injured the internal organs of crisis, or the heft of it!
    3, is not suitable for lumbar muscle strain or calcium deficiency is
    shaking Hula depends mainly on the waist, full movement of the lumbar muscles and ABS and side waist muscles and other parts, insisted exercise can achieve the effect of tightening the waist
    effect. However, need to be reminded there are lumbar muscles, patients with osteoporosis of spinal cord injured, as well as the elderly, are not suitable for this sport. In addition, before you roll the hoop, you should do some stretching exercises, stretching ligaments, to avoid sprains.

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