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Stylish photo frame photo frame Studio photo frame wedding photo frames 中文版| Report Item
Stylish photo frame photo frame Studio photo frame wedding photo frames Stylish photo frame photo frame Studio photo frame wedding photo frames Stylish photo frame photo frame Studio photo frame wedding photo frames
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  • Updated: 2017-11-14 12:36
  • About Product:1. Double fine crystal glass production. (2) transparent plastic brace. (3) with different size can choose. (4) the product is relaxed and concise air, merchants and domestic for private use is the preferred product.
The price for this item is to be negotiated. Please contact supplier for further information.
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Material: glass Technique: hand Customized processing: Yes
Brand: Yat Ming furniture Product code: Silver series Shape: rectangle
Style: modern Photo frame features: creative Packaging: General
Patent source: no Within box size: 3*3*3 inch: 10*31 (30/box) |7 inch: 13*18 (40/box) |8 inch: 15*20 (36/box) |8 inch square: 20*20 (30/box |10 inch: 20*25 (30/box) |12 inch: 15*30 (30/box) |5 inch: 9*13 (72/box) |6 inch: 10*15 (60/box) Category: photo frames

尺寸与装箱数量                                                        价格

3 *3*3: 10*31 (30/box) 5.80
5*7: 13*18 (40/carton) 4.65 
6*8: 15*20 (36/box) 5.30
8*8: 20*20 (30/box 6.30
8*10: 20*25 (30/box) 7.20
6*12: 15*30 (30/box) 7.20
3.5*5: 9*13 (72 per carton) 3.40
4*6: 10*15 (60 per box) 3.85



Product name:"set home" glass photo frames in Yiwu photo frames glass photo frames home decor frames

  Product brand :

  Product type : sand Studio series

  Product specifications:conventional frame size 5-10 inches 1 inch = 2.54 cm frame size are in inches

  Material: glass, MDF

  Product features: glass sand + light blueoverall upscale products. Market very well, looks good for a glass crafts.

  Style style:modern simplicity

  Packing: EPE +bag packed in gift box

We usually send cargo, affordable, shipping is waiting for you after receiving the freight Department of inspection right at people. This goods is manual products, as size color subtle errors is normal, for convenient new old customer, solution inventory backlog problem,a box up batch, each specifications how much number a box see models table,or contact customer service QQ:2355883915(as 7 inch phase box a box 40 a, Xia single Shi number selected 40 a) please by corresponding of specifications whole box of number Xia single, normal is 1-5 days shipping, Capacity (50,000-150,000) 15-30 days, as the case may be!

Layout 1

Layout 2

Layout 3

Layout 4

Layout 5

1. prices:we are a professional manufacturer of photo frames sold, wholesale national uniform minimum prices, no bargaining!

2. color:as possible with pictures and detailed description of the goods to restore the product to its original condition, but please before paying money to carefully examine the color, texture, size, shape and characteristics of important parameters, such as, chromatic aberration via the Internet cannot be avoided, please forgive me!

3. logistics:due to a large warehouse and logistics, we will make efforts to shorten the delivery time, place an order within 1 week of receipt of goods. If you have special requirements, please contact customer service, remarks!

4. shipping charges:Yiwu, our company is free to specify the Terminal, as soon as you receive the goods, checking cargo intact after paying the freight. If you have special circumstances, please contact us!

5. return policy:our company supports the replacement of the goods, when you appear in the sales process for a bad pin styles and colors, and when the next time you purchase, product can change you think is good. But require buyers to pay shipping.

6. regarding proofing:  Proofing time is one week samples cost 50 Yuan. Company provides all partners, all refund sample charges.

7. contact us: phone: 15268609015 Miss Tang

8:00-17:00 necessary, please contact us directly!

8. complaints: If you are not satisfied with our services and products, please call 13615894418 thank you for your cooperation.




Yiwu city, responsible for delivery to the appropriate us or customized shipping department, from Yiwu city, seat of the shipment to the customer shipping or courier charges and other fees, when the customer upon receipt of the goods, inspection pays after logistics costs. If product damage, (broken glass, scratch box, glass screen printing poor quality), the next single, reissue with the past. If there is a return, transfer goods, shipping buyers responsibility. This product is handmade, size color errors are normal. If you have special requirements for Dears, please communicate with our customer service for more. If you have any questions, please timely communication and customer service, we will deal with, please do not give bad reviews. Hope we can cooperate happily! a great partnership! I wish you a happy life!

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