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"Great cheap" cotton towel yarn Jacquard towel high-end roses gift gift towel 中文版| Report Item
"Great cheap" cotton towel yarn Jacquard towel high-end roses gift gift towel "Great cheap" cotton towel yarn Jacquard towel high-end roses gift gift towel "Great cheap" cotton towel yarn Jacquard towel high-end roses gift gift towel
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  • Updated: 2016-08-27 09:27
  • Cotton towel yarn jacquard towel high-grade gift labor gifts 7040 towels specifications: material of 35*75cm: pure cotton color: yellow powder blue towel lovers towel scarf baby face towel packaging: 10 / package soft, absorbent does not fade color fresh nature bring you pure and fresh and different feelings can be wholesale buy units of mass customization of labor insurance and welfare to OEM.
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Product information

"Product name": Imperial ball towel

"Product": 7040

"The weight": 120 g

"Material": a pure cotton

"Product specification": 35CMX75CM

"Qty": 10/280/piece

"Color": blue pink yellow random mashup

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Product description

 Pure cotton unit line plain mention rose spent towel upscale gift gift return couples towel fashion health Pro skin household towelseal ball brand 7040specifications 35cmX75CM material: pure cotton color: Blue powder yellow weight: 120 grams category: towel gift towel household towel packaging: 10 article/package 280 article/pieces color mixed take applies: General profile: this paragraph products used pure cotton line woven and into soft sucking water not faded color fresh natural Bring you fresh and natural comfort, more products please go to the shop door 3/f, Yiwu international trade city four areas 87th seal ball towel www.xiqiu.yiwugou 42136-42138 5 Street stalls. com


Product use

After-sale service

On logistics  

Small default Express is flexible if you need to specify the courier please check the error message to the sellers description and order information to add the post Express Logistics. Not to please let the customer service or message description send EMS. If there are no remarks will be selected by us according to the areas to express. If need to Shun Feng express delivery, please contact customer service make up the shipping costs after the post office we carry shipments. Exceeding 50 kg for the proposal selection of domestic terminal check in time is not very fast but shipping costs will greatly reduce the size of Yiwu city now has consigned to the country Terminal down hundreds of big city or small town to ensure a smooth delivery that parents do not have to worry about it. If you need special logistics, please contact customer service.


About shipping


Normally small orders at 15:00 prior to payment orders can be issued this afternoon evenings there is delivery info 15:00 after the payment of the orders shipped the next afternoon the first towel tagging is spot dedicated to small wholesale orders please contact customer service to ask in advance warehouse inventories. Products will be adjusted according to production clients, please book in advance so as to not delay your normal sales we will try to get the shipping speed to provide the best quality service.

Towel packaging and transport

Textiles without affecting the overall quality of some fine threads, or tiny flaws are inevitable twistless yarn used for the first time will have a slight hair before using saline solution to soak for ten minutes and then use the above described purchase table understood.

Read before shopping

For cash on delivery orders, accepted immediately after submitting your order. Kuandaofahuo order after your payment accepted, generally orders are accepted within 48 hours and send out the goods, delivery time varies according to the delivery address.

Contact information

Contact customer service: QQ1322304966200288555  

Contact: 15868960000 057985553833

Address: Yiwu international trade city, four districts 3, 5/f Street entrance 87th 42136

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