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12mm electroplating base care pearl cardigan pearl pearl buckle clothing accessories 中文版| Report Item
12mm electroplating base care pearl cardigan pearl pearl buckle clothing accessories 12mm electroplating base care pearl cardigan pearl pearl buckle clothing accessories 12mm electroplating base care pearl cardigan pearl pearl buckle clothing accessories
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  • Updated: 2017-07-19 16:05
  • Supply of various styles size drill button tall hand-sewn buttons on the bottom, good quality, style, and uses wide, like clothing gloves hats bags shoes, welcome new and old customers details to order.
EXW Price:
Above 20000pcs   ¥ 0.09 /pc
2000pcs ~19999pcs   ¥ 0.10 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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英英服装辅料 Our complete product variety design price quality assurance
such as ordering up samples may be able to find a new store you want to watch, store address 11, third floor, East 66th street stall 28086 English fashion accessories,

first of all, thank you for entering our website. As the seller, we will provide you with the best products, and exceed your expectations of service. For a better cooperation, we list some common problems in the process of cooperation, summarized as follows:
we accept all kinds of products. You can consult us, we will tell you the material of products and the scope of application, and can meet your requirement. You can also provide pictures or samples.
② in principle we have no limit on the order quantity, but very very few products will lead to higher prices.
③ the general situation, we sample talks, sending the sample to pay,
④ customer to order products we don't have mold cases, clients themselves bear the mould cost. If your order is large, die-back.

⑤ products is hand-finished debugging the color, slight color difference should have to accept it.
⑥ in accordance with your requirements, we ensure product packaging for transport security.
⑦ 30% advance after confirmation of the order the purchase price as a down payment, pay off the balance before shipment can be shipped "samples or orders after receipt of deposit before they begin production, hoping to understand! "

The" product use "mobile beauty, notebook cosmetics, mirrors, lighters, make-up boxes, MP4, auto detailing, Visco-chebiao.com, home decoration, wall decoration, and so on, shining stuck to and to which, very beautiful fashion, Oh! Use 2mm or small drill 3mm nail, stick of 2.8mm to 4mm for mobile phones, specifically personal preference, diamond ornament, first bit sews!


(1) mobile phone: 13867934651 13600598071

(2) company phone: 0579-85160782 fax: 0579-85167742

(3) email: 498291799@qq.comQQ: 498291799 2467577265

(4) service: 13600598071
location: Yiwu international trade City District stall 28086 11 East 66th Street, third floor, door English fashion accessories telephone 0579-85160782


1, the company's products are sold, can open Valet mode of production, price concessions. 

2, the company's stock a full range of products, conventional models and colors available year-round spot.

3, because of the light might be a little color, if the color is very accurate, please contact in advance, express the physical sample.

4, have questions about product quality and style, before you purchase, please contact customer service. After you receive the goods, please check the quantity and quality of goods in the first place, if you have any questions, please get in touch with customer service the first time, the company must be solved properly.

"Minimum quantity"

products are all one color, different number according to the size of packaging. Does not provide a packet of mixed colors wholesale.

"Shipping way"

a products not package mail (this company default express--Shun Feng Express customer also can specifies Express also can sent to customer this city specifies of checked Department shipping)

II please must and sales personnel said clearly can arrived of express, if not arrived, was returned and again shipping of costs needs you himself bear, General shipping Hou Jiangsu and Zhejiang Shanghai is 1-2 days to, Is 3-5 to other areas. Shun Feng express next day to

"on the images and colors":
all products are 100% real, if buyers want to use product images, please note in advance. Or lead to misunderstanding leads to buyers ' complaints.

Photos, computer monitors and light causes color errors may exist. Please understand! Totally unacceptable chromatic aberration if buyers identify acceptable before ordering.

Quantity of a product that is called out, more or less, but the error is not large. Totally unacceptable number of bad buyers identify acceptable before ordering.

"Remittance card"

bank account 95599 8038 70791 31810 name Lu Rongying

62270 0146 36000 26613 name Li CCB account

for other banks, please contact customer service

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