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  • Updated: 2015-01-07 14:18
  • About Product:VINNIC alkaline batteries is the best performance of zinc-manganese batteries. Is suitable for the large amount of discharge and prolonged use. Battery is low, resulting in the current larger than common manganese battery, only 0.025% and the volume of mercury in the environment-friendly, no recall.
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VINNIC alkaline batteries are battery capacity and discharging time of 3-7, low temperature performance gap with larger, alkaline batteries are more suitable for large current discharge and high voltage electricity, is especially suitable for 照相机 闪光灯 剃须刀 电动玩具 CD机 、大功率 遥控器 , Wireless mouse, keyboard, and so on.
Matters needing attention
(1) do not charge the battery, this may cause battery leakage or danger.
(2) should pay attention to the battery polarity to prevent incorrect installation.
(3) Please do not short-circuit the battery, heat, fire or attempt to disassemble.
(4) do not mix old and new batteries.

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