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  • Updated: 2015-07-14 16:24
  • About Product:Green materials, sell like hot cakes all over the world.
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Supply Quantity: 9999pcs

【Product features】popular in Europe and the United States, CE certification, quality and reliable!
【suitable for places】family and other public places
【appropriate crowd 】good for both young and old

【 product benefits 】 to promote children's intelligence development, promotes the feeling of with parents;Used for gift parents relatives and friends, add life fun, affectionate!
This product is a novel toys billiards, can be used in home entertainment and kindergarten educational toys, fostered the capabilities of the children. This product with adult billiards game, also is the adult small pool table into the child table
Children playing in the process of below can develop their intelligence:
1. Body movement intelligence (children need to finish the game myself)
2. Interpersonal intelligence: this product can play a person, also can play together with others, increase and people skills.
3. The logic mathematics intelligence: the child was playing with people in the process of natural to remember the number of their own goals.
4. Natural observation intelligence: need to see which balls into the well.
5. language intelligence (with peers or father mother tao tong)
Can help children better coordination of eyes, hands and brain, in the impact of time and time again the ball more can stimulate the sharpness of the ear.Not only exercise the body, enhance the thinking.More close to the distance of you and of children.Let him in every goal to produce the cheers of the confident!
Household small pool table is suitable for mini pool table billiard tables, old and young children
Over the weekend, it's hot outside, no dinner party, this plan is to want to go out with my family around son fell through, how do you spend this rare holiday time, and meaningful?Watching TV, Internet, reading a book, but what is the difference between this peace when the day?What activities are both leisure and entertainment, but also can share with family?On the pool table, and his family to a few innings.The whole night we all happy!
Leisure, at home or in the company everyone playing a few bar billiards, both full of competitive, and full of entertainment, also exercise the body
Factory direct sale promotions!
4 in 1 multifunctional game table (practical very strong) 4 kinds of functions
Material: MDF
Product number: YGX1-6609
The game features: table football/billiards game/hockey/table tennis game
Product size: 69 * 37 * 68
Carton size: 72.5 * 38.5 * 62
Gross weight: 39.5 KGS
Net weight: 37.5 KGS
Case pack: four
Suit a crowd: more than 4 years old

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