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Ronda electronic toys, Yiwu factory outlet rechargeable electric mosquito swatter 中文版| Report Item
Ronda electronic toys, Yiwu factory outlet rechargeable electric mosquito swatter Ronda electronic toys, Yiwu factory outlet rechargeable electric mosquito swatter
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  • Updated: 2014-11-11 14:39
  • About Product:Yiwu long electronic toys factory outlet rechargeable electric mosquito swatter
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Brand: l の p model: LD-5001 beetle species of mosquito-killing insecticide flooding: electric mosquito swatter weight 0.25kg support charging: rated voltage support: 100-240 (v) rated power: 220 (w) product specifications: length 51CM width 21CM color: mixed-weight: 250 g network layer: 3 origin: Yiwu Dragon Electronics Ltd

Boost products are used in electronic circuits, high voltage low current discharge kill harmful insects such as mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches. Due to its minimum operating current and output power, completely harmless to the human body. Suitable for any environment for long-term use (except for gas stations, Firecracker plant, gas station and other inflammable or explosive environment), save electricity, save money, easy and practical energy-saving and environment-friendly green electronics.

Mosquito film can move freely, so the mosquito initiative, using not only slapping mosquitoes in flight, can also Pat mosquito bites. Mosquito film using electrical shocks to destroy mosquitoes and clean and sanitary. Mosquito film can be used indoor and outdoor, hygienic and does not pollute the walls, odorless, free of chemical contamination.

3 层电网设计,安全可靠, 3 层电网构筑 2 道电击空间( 1 层至 2 层、 2 -3 Layer), mosquitoes fly in difficult to escape. Touching1or3layer metal mesh will not have any problem, play a protective role, but don't put their hand2road shock within the space. Ordinary mosquito only2grid.

    Main features

1 , rechargeable: internal configuration of 2 1.5V high quality rechargeable batteries, recycling rechargeable up to 1000 times more than affordable.

2 , dual-speed: this dual-speed circuit, imported components, the instantaneous output voltages as high as 2300V hit effect is very high.

3 , do not call this killing is blood-sucking mosquitoes, is harmless to human body, when hands touch, light hits the surface without inductors, safe to use.

4 , no leakage: constituted by the special three-layer mesh flies easily into the net, and does not slip through.

  Using method

1 , charge using AC voltage 220V , frequency 50HZ .

2 , the use of insect repellent before recharge 8-12 hours, recycled recharging 1000 times.

3 , killing mosquitoes when switch is pressed, will kill mosquitoes and flies.

4 , a battery used to mosquito swatter discharge an inability, led flashing, then recharge 8-12 hours.

  Kill flies tips:

High sensitivity due to flies , used must master certain skills:
stop on the plane flies, mosquito film in hand, networks face flies , fly gently placed in the margin 20--30cmBy the same plane. Press the switch, after red light, quickly waved the flies, flies are drawn towards the two power grids, press and hold the switch down, continuous electric shock1-2Second, the fly was electrocuted.


Expert advice:

Mosquito film safe to use without any pollution, and are therefore suitable for families with children. Need to be aware of is that when in use, and must not pinch surface cannot be used in places filled with flammable gas or oil, no washing, no metal inserts.

If you accidentally contaminate mosquito film, gently brushing with a soft brush. After using and extinguishes the mosquito to Pat, do not touch the switch again, so as not to waste battery power. In particular, need to remind that to put mosquito film placed in the reach of children, beware of children dipped a finger inside a mesh out of curiosity.

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