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Where the luxury hotel supplies hotel bathroom soap dispenser liquid soap box 中文版| Report Item
Where the luxury hotel supplies hotel bathroom soap dispenser liquid soap box Where the luxury hotel supplies hotel bathroom soap dispenser liquid soap box Where the luxury hotel supplies hotel bathroom soap dispenser liquid soap box
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  • Updated: 2017-12-02 15:20
  • About Product:For gift-giving occasions: advertising, business gifts, holidays, housewarming, birthday, fairs, employee benefits, public relations planning
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Brand: luxury Materials: ABS Specifications: L150*W75*H162mm
Item no: OK-113C
Print LOGO:
Customized processing: Yes

Product information:

Model: OK-113C

Size: L150*W75*H162mm

Capacity: 210ml

Materials: ABS

Packing: 50 PCs/CTN

Carton size: 58.5*50*40.5cm

Net weight: 22.8kg weight: 20.7kg


  Product introduction:

1. Engineering Plastics Rubber shiny shell, silicone precision valve, wear-resistant, no leakage, compared with similar products 3 times longer service life than double, value for money

2. the innovative design, easy installation, aesthetic and practical, safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly

3. it can be equipped with liquid soap, shampoo or lotion such as liquid soap, just gently press, out of the SOAP dispenser light, comfortable, at ease and hassle free



Product picture:


OK-113A white 210ml dual head liquid dispenser


OK-113B silver 210ml dual head liquid dispenser

Silver plated OK-113C 210ml dual head liquid dispenser

OK-113D blue 210ml dual head liquid dispenser


OK-119A and white 450ml single dispenser


OK-112A and white 210ml single dispenser


O k- 120A white 450ml dual head liquid dispenser


O k- 120B silver 450ml dual head liquid dispenser


O K- 120C 450ml silver plated double dispenser

OK-120D blue 450ml single dispenser

SOAP dispenser note :

1 . If idle has a time SOAP liquid device in May will condensation some SOAP liquid, if SOAP liquid of volume less to warm water stirred can, such do can makes SOAP liquid restore into liquid, if above method not feasible, on put condensation of SOAP liquid removed, again joined warm water, repeatedly using SOAP liquid device, until warm water from SOAP liquid device midstream dry, such on can cleaning whole SOAP liquid device.

2.  Please note that liquid soap in the dust and impurities can clog the liquid outlet, if you notice in the liquid soap in a bottle has gone bad, replace the SOAP dispenser.

3 . If the SOAP is too thick it may cause the SOAP dispenser is not liquid, in order to dilute the liquid soap into the water stirred less can be used.

4 . When using for the first time, first adding water to the inside of the vacuum out, joining the SOAP bottle using the product for the first time and may contain some of the clear water pump head, this is not the quality of the product but the product left when testing before they go out. Contact phone: 13216127588 QQ 1005834145

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