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IR Ingersoll-Rand air compressor, Ingersoll-Rand screw compressor, VPeX90-7 中文版| Report Item
IR Ingersoll-Rand air compressor, Ingersoll-Rand screw compressor, VPeX90-7
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  • Updated: 2014-10-13 22:14
  • Ingersoll-Rand air compressor ,model: VPeX90-7, power: 90KW 50HZ/60HZ displacement: 18.2m3/min ,working pressure: 0.7Mpa compressed, medium: air works: screw compressor, lubrication: oil-lubricated air compressor overall dimensions (l * w * h): 317.1cmx157.4cmx190.3cm type: fixed compressor performance: low noise ,noise level: 72 (dB) ,Tel: 400-6022-579
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ShanghaiIngersoll Rand compressorlimited production VPeX90-7Ingersoll-Rand screw type air compressorhas a large displacement, full range of displacementslead Atlas Copco air compressor GA+, also Fusheng and bishouli 10%, calledthe biggest displacement. Efficient and reliable,zero hostlife of up to 10 years, isthe world's top air compressors. motor power: 90KW, rated pressure 0.75MPa, exhaust 18.2m3/min.

Ingersoll Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand has 100 years of history, is for commercial, residential and industrial markets to create and maintain safe, comfortable and efficient environments, the world leader in annual sales of more than 170 VPeX intellectual innovation excellence

Ingersoll-Rand air compressor with hundreds of design experience in the compressor industry continued to emerge, made huge contributions to technical progress in air compressor. Its newly-designedVPeXseries air compressor has21patents, of which1patent,7patents. 13patens for practical new type patents. Ingersoll's patented "smart" made inVPeXseries air compressor is fully reflected in the structural design of many.

VPeX products not only satisfy the average user gas demand, also suitable for air and gas pressures are higher requirements of specific industry needs, such as air separation for oxygen. Manufacture of glass and cement manufacturing and other industries.

Through continuous technology innovation and Ingersoll-Rand's heritage of excellence, VPeX series air compressor will bring your plants more efficient and stable air, maximize your productivity!

本公司是 英格索兰VPeX空压机 浙江省 代理 ,欢迎全国经销商 加盟 代理 批发

Service hotline: 15967996695 0579-85233701 (the building)

High efficiency

Exhibition industry leader in gas and energy efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, we will be

VPeX series not only has excellent capacity. Pay more attention to each link in compressed air at customer's energy consumption and productivity!

Air intake: high efficiency particulate air filters and ultra low loss air inlet valve of the perfect junction, effectively reducing the inlet air pressure loss, improves intake efficiency

Drivers: IEC standards of high efficiency direct drive motor and gear, couplings, such as wearing parts-free and more efficient and stable

Compression: a new generation of Ingersoll-Rand hosts a more reliable and efficient experience. Models with power or matching Ingersoll hosts larger rotors, low speed. Light noise. Small vibration, high efficiency, long service life

Exhaust: oil separator, oil filter and cooler with low pressure loss design, and Taiwan independence pipeline system, ensure that the exhaust to maximize


Intelligence, means that it is a "thinking" of air compressor

Multi unit "joint control": no need to add any additional devices, simply wiring to achieve 2-8 air compressor "zero cost" control runs, thus achieving sequential control, rotary controls and other energy-saving operating modes

MODBUS RTU communication protocol: the flexibility to select a remote / local control

RS-485 communication: remote signal can be output to the PC, remote monitoring and control functions

Fault detail record: not only stores up to 50 alarms recorded, at the same time, customers can check out alarm time of the compressor operating parameters, to facilitate judging and troubleshooting

Utilization analysis of air compressor: the controller automatically detects the utilization of air compressor to facilitate customer inquiries, use of air compressor

Power failure automatic restart feature: customers are free to enable/disable power off reset function and set conditions for entry into force

Optional Ethernet card: customers can be anywhere in the world to operate the air compressor equipment through a network connected to the air compressor, use online control screen, view or change an important parameter for air compressor

Human nature

Human technology, from "standard" to "people standard" experience

Belt tensioner design: (only 15-30kW models): self tensioning system with new designs, henceforth exempted from cumbersome manual tensioning belts, saves time and improves efficiency

Sound design: the cooling fan designs, knot machine static speakers closed-type design and the design of high frequency noise, rather than the low noise of air compressor 3-5dB (a) , so that you can close "light"

Maintainable design: internal maintenance space, components layout more rational, with Taiwan independence have hinged removable door designs, as well as daily needed maintenance parts and designs on the same side, makes maintenance accessible

Oblique controller panel design: read data operation and easy

Arc at the edges of the machine design: all corners are taking the arc design, beautiful, firm and more secure

Air intake filter design: equipped with pre filter on the inlet side, effectively blocking dust and foreign bodies enter the body and prolong the life cooler cleaning and


Unparalleled stability, is not only stable, but is the embodiment of efficiency

According to Ingersoll-Rand worldwide "customer Star" survey shows that air compressor stability for many years among the "customer focus" first! VPeXseries follow the excellent quality of the Ingersoll and in many details for innovation and improvement

Host: a new generation of Ingersoll-Rand hosts, access to world class bearing, whole parts of the pipeline system, more efficient and stable, and durable. Of 100,000 of thousands around the world of the air compressor, Ingersoll Rand advanced mainframe design all over the world famous for its zero-fault and low maintenance costs, are the cornerstone of air compressor quality assurance

Motor: using new technology of 4 IEC standard efficiency motors, f class insulation, b -level temperature, IP55 protection grade. Average time to reach its proprietary mega-bearingNEMAstandard8times

Electronic control box: equipped with international premium brand of electrical components, all electrical components are taking large-capacity and high temperature selection ensures that the electronic control box is capable of reliable operation in high temperature environment, extended its service life than ordinary electric components 2 times

Cooler: as high as 46 degrees centigrade temperature design of high efficiency cooling system, oil cooler and cooler non-welded connections, to avoid thermal stress damages, greatly prolonging cooling temperature difference can reach 8 degrees Celsius, the efficiency higher

Control system: multiple choice 47 kinds of protection and self diagnostic function, full guarantee stable operation of air compressor

Duct design: the patented designed separation of hot and cold rooms structure, together with the professional air duct design, significantly reduces the risk of high temperature unit, ensuring the stability of

Pipe design: all piping connections are tight using the ASME standard o -rings sealing way can completely eliminate the leak, United States automobile industry association standard that the most effective seal structure

VPeX01_ on the air

Major brands-screw turbine exhaust comparison table

By: m3/min


Ingersoll Rand

VPeX series


GA+ series


SL series

Fu sheng

SA series

Gas power

22 KW





55 KW





110 KW





160 KW





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