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  • Updated: 2015-07-15 09:21
  • About Product:Child boxing, factory outlets, Green materials, hot sell in South-East Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
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Supply Quantity: 99999pcs

Bounce back and forth, don't have to worry about breakage, high safety performance!

Circular holes on the base is able to inject water or sand added stability

Speed-ball method

Easiest way to beat is that fisting and hitting a speed ball, and drive the appropriate physical movement on one side. Played at the third attempt when the ball bounced off the boards, and then with the other fist, hitting speeds of balls in the same way. This striking methods need to be combined with high quality of speed ball. Correct speed-ball method requires the rotation of the body. By body roll, but works the lower back, abdominal and shoulder muscles, exercise the legs and therefore further exercise cardiopulmonary function. Practice the right way, in order to ensure the best workout. Common error positions include: tight body, with their left hand or right hand blows, crooked neck/neck shrink.

At the time of initial contact with speed ball, you can try to nudge with his hand instead of the punch, it's better to master. 
Much like music, speed is when the ball hits the beat, different game with a different rhythm, one hand blows can also hand over hand hits, playing different sounds produced are different, really as wonderful as the music. Master tempo is the most important thing, that require movement to quick movements, good physical coordination and rhythm. When I first started, not the blind pursuit of speed, as long as the master rhythm, hitting a ball out of the"sound".

Speed ball was boxing and Sanda of an auxiliary exercise equipment, due to its easy, fun and special exercises and psychological rehabilitation of people plays a wonderful role, speed ball has born out of boxing and Sanda and become an independent fashion movement, like Yoga, hip-hop is popular in Europe and America's popular fitness, and has recently spread to China.           
Speed ball suitable for men, women, and children, especially for longtime writers and people who use computers for work and study, not only fatigue part can be truly effective rehabilitation and exercise. It can improve a person's ability to respond, and accumulated pressures of work and life has long been completely unleashed. Simple equipment and easy to learn techniques, so that it is loved by more and more people.
Speed ball falls into console, wall-mounted, pull type, to save space. Placed in a corner of the Office or home, at any time in just a few minutes to fully relax and exercise, especially for busy, lazy people who rush to the gym to sweat.


Product name: children in boxing speed ball Kit
model: YGC1-8551
material: environmental quality metal rod green plastic base leather material
packaging: color box
color box size: 38.5*50*11.5cm
outer box size: 74* 52*81cm
Case Pack: 12
weight: 27kgs
net weight: 25kgs


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