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Football glory taap South Korea imported PU soccer taap hand sewn 5 soccer中文版 | Report Item
Football glory taap South Korea imported PU soccer taap hand sewn 5 soccer Football glory taap South Korea imported PU soccer taap hand sewn 5 soccer Football glory taap South Korea imported PU soccer taap hand sewn 5 soccer
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  • Updated : 2016-03-17 10:26
  • Glory ball factory specializes in producing high quality standard ball, has a high level of research and development production forces to ensure that products in the material, style, technology and cost control has the absolute advantage, relying on abundant production experience and advanced machinery equipments and strict testing means, and won the praise of customers.
Unit Price:
Above 1pcs   125.00 yuan/pc
The above price(s) may be subject to tariffs, duties, Value Added Tax (VAT), shipping charges etc.
Supply Quantity: 5000pcs

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Important notice
due to camera and computer display reasons, objects and pictures may be shades and color requirements, please contact us in advance. Otherwise considered acceptable may color some small deviations. Inconvenience please forgive me!  

Floating due to raw materials is relatively large, and accompanied by vicious price competition on the Web, makes it impossible for our each product price is very accurately demonstrated in front of the customer, the price shown here is for reference only! Need to confirm it!  

1. under normal circumstances, our wholesale products shipping Department (county-level cities have direct or transit to reach), after the arrival of your in the city, shipping companies will make your call notification delivery.  Shipping is generally in accordance with the number of pieces to be freight (provided they are not too heavy or too Puffy, are calculated according to the weight of the goods in a particular area. ) Refer to the shipping company charges. Shipping customers, shipping is paid upon delivery to the shipping company you can, you can give us a payment if the payment.  

2. If there are special requirements if you have designated the Ministry of shipping, please specify when ordering and we will check you specify delivery

3. small wholesale or retail, less Express, courier fees billed by the courier company payments.  

4. the city can come up with

1, purchase process problems, please by telephone, QQ, or Email to contact us, we will negotiate with you various problems encountered during the shopping process.   

2, if the goods can be received on time at the end of it in a week, we receive the customer's enquiry, the query immediately, and to give customers the most timely response to the question.  

3, if the damage occurred during transportation, we will not be liable for any losses, but we can do our best to packaged products, communicate with the freight and transportation losses are reduced to a minimum.  

4, our timely delivery, and damage occasioned by delay in cargo delivery time, we do not assume liability and compensation.

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Telephone: 86 57985165402
Mobile: 86 15967986260
Email: gaoqiutiyu@163.com
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