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"Factory direct" non-woven frame, owl, photo frame, photo frame, felt photo frames中文版 | Report Item
"Factory direct" non-woven frame, owl, photo frame, photo frame, felt photo frames "Factory direct" non-woven frame, owl, photo frame, photo frame, felt photo frames "Factory direct" non-woven frame, owl, photo frame, photo frame, felt photo frames
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  • Updated : 2015-10-21 13:09
  • . Creative cartoon color felt photo frames, cute, beautiful, environmentally friendly, healthy
Unit Price:
Above 5000pcs   2.20 yuan/pc
1000pcs ~4999pcs   2.50 yuan/pc
The above price(s) may be subject to tariffs, duties, Value Added Tax (VAT), shipping charges etc.
Supply Quantity: 99999pcs

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[ name ]: felt Pendant [volume] the: 0.12 m3

[quantity]: 500 [delivery period]: 2 weeks

[Payment]: Kuandaofahuo, large amount of detail

of the product color bright, beautiful patterns, simple and elegant, widely used, cheap, thickness is moderate, mood is excellent, increase interest in life. Products have a strong sense of three-dimensional, bright colors, feel very good, good visual effect, a very good decoration and advertising effectiveness!

Tel: 0579-81534860

mobile phone: 13957922010

Fax: 0579-81531170

QQ:2535863278 Skype:yiwu-nonwoven

address: Zhejiang province Yiwu International Trade City

home: http://www.yiwugou.com/hu/0434860A.html

seller for

choose in accordance with the existing styles, can also according to the customer to provide artwork to do. The above price is for reference only, to do the transaction price, because the product of the number of how many are not the same.

A: how to order

1 QQ EMAIL, SKYPE and other online discussion.

The words contact (579-8153486013957922010), your request to be informed, thank you!

Two: custom process

customers to provide design draft and our confirmation document OK , customers pay fees proofing, our design proofing and sent samples. (after the return of the sample fee).

Customers confirmation sample OK, large goods production contract signed by the , customers pay 30% deposit, our arrangements for the production of goods, goods OK (pictures or send samples confirmed by customer or client in person inspection), customers pay the balance, our arrangements for the delivery

if export, see copy of bill of lading payment

can see is our hair to issue VAT invoices to pay the balance.
: all three customized according to customer requirements

We according to customer specifications, design, production and the number of

four: please contact the owner before buying

please our customers can contact the owner before buying, ask to purchase the goods, transport and so on, so as to let you accurately informed of goods, can also reduce and avoid unnecessary misunderstanding. Five:
on price

factory all the goods are a reference price, the price of goods and the owner negotiate, we abide by the principle of large favorably. (a lot of concessions)
six: on the delivery

we will in the first time after you pay for your delivery, according to thebuyerspaymentorderissued.
we have a strict hand packaged shipment inspection of goods quality, please rest assured to buy.

returned home return classification

Tingting Daily Necessities Firm
Contact: 傅婷婷
Telephone: 86 57981534860
Mobile: 86 13957922010
Email: 2535863278@QQ.com
Address: 34860A, 5 Street, 2F, 77 Gate, D1-International Trade Mart (District 4),Yiwu,China
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