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Xiongtu xiongtu PM EP-22 toner cartridge中文版 | Report Item
Xiongtu xiongtu PM EP-22 toner cartridge Xiongtu xiongtu PM EP-22 toner cartridge Xiongtu xiongtu PM EP-22 toner cartridge
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  • Updated : 2016-04-13 16:16
  • Xiongtu PM EP-22 cartridge Canon LBP-200/250/350/800/810; Canon LBP-1110 series; Canon LBP-1120; 1100A/1101I/3200/3200M/3200 se
Unit Price:
Above 100pcs   58.00 yuan/pc
20pcs ~99pcs   68.00 yuan/pc
1pcs ~19pcs   78.00 yuan/pc
The above price(s) may be subject to tariffs, duties, Value Added Tax (VAT), shipping charges etc.
Supply Quantity: 10000pcs

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Noting that science and technology, with high quality products, to create the first national brand!

Toner cartridges for laser printers

Brand: ambition/photomaster

For use on: Canon LBP-200/250/350/800/810; Canon LBP-1110 series; Canon LBP-1120;1100A/1101I/3200/3200M/3200 SE

Frequently asked questions

1, after receipt of the toner cartridge. inner package is cracked or come unglued. Do?

----A slight deformation, carton or plastic is mainly caused due to transit subject to collision, printing is not affected, it is recommended that under the normal procedure used; B bin mainly due to transport damage caused by severe deformation, asking the user to open the black toner cartridge, look under the plastic bags to check, whether there is breakage, leakage, deformation or component problems, if it looks good, it is recommended that under the normal procedure used; if there is a defect or poor print quality, contact us to replace


2, machine or installation difficulties could not be loaded.

----A, first of all, make sure you purchase the powder box is suitable for your machine; B, injection molded parts in contact while loading the machine part is correct; C, after confirmation cannot be installed, we recommend that you contact one of our replacement toner cartridges of the correct type;


3, machine print recognition on?

----A, consecutive two toner cartridges are not recognized, but test other brand cartridges OK, possible causes: upgrades, chips and the printer does not match the version of the printer (using the wrong model or other version): B, two consecutive cartridges are not recognized. Chip does not recognize test other brands may cause printer damage; we recommend that you test the printer is working correctly. C suddenly does not recognize, and the printing process (not at the end of the life, usually print about half life in hundreds of pages or in front), possible cause: individual cartridge chip procedures, may replace a contact us new products;


4, open the packaging print bottom ash leaking powder or serious?

----In powder box placed beneath white, patting powder box three times and see if the toner constantly fall; if there is only a small amount of toner out, illustrating more than powder not cleaned, recommended continuing to use if toner constantly falls out, bottom ash or print proofs exist, mainly due to the seals were broken in transit, parts are loose and other causes. Suggestions contact us for replacement.


5, a noise during printing

----A, "Kaka" noise, possible cause: individual gear fit well, jumping result; we recommend that you installed print again; B, "squeaking" noise, possible causes: too little blade lubricating powder coating, friction and OPC, conductive wire magnetic roller Assembly is bad, conductive sheet steel friction, friction between OPC and bearing plate size mismatch; we recommend that you contact us for replacement.

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