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Nixicamp double inflatable pad automatically inflatable pads cushion camping mat中文版 | Report Item
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  • Updated : 2017-09-19 10:15
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Above 6pcs   105.00 yuan/pc
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Supply Quantity: 1000pcs

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User Guide
1, first-time users:
(1) open air cushion
(2) open the gas nozzle, air bed automatically inflate. Close the nozzle, repeatedly folding air bed, then press several times, then open the valve, automatic air bed expansion, making it fully restored elasticity and shape.

2, air methods:
(1) open air, open the nozzle, air bed automatically begins to swell.
(2) until air bed expansion is complete, then tighten the nozzle cover.
(3) adjust the air pressure, adjust the comfort of its hardness.
Note: If you keep long in a rolled up State (not recommended), use blow several times expanded its elasticity.

3, exhaust method:
(1) open the gas nozzle from the rolled up at the other end of the air nozzle, press out the air.
(2) close the nozzle, air bed rolled up at the other end, open the nozzle so that residual air out again.
(3) finally close the valve, can be rolled up at any time to save.
Note: when carrying bag placed outsourcing, to avoid scratches.

4, storage methods:
open air, open mouth, keep in a cool and dry place (eg: placed under the bed or behind the sofa, etc), because air bed foam shape memory, quickly expanded to the shapes you use most often.

5, repair methods:
(1) confirm the leakage: blow close the valve after swelling with water the surface wetted or diluted SOAP water, fold it in half, put a knee to body weight pressure, bubbling place as flat place, make a mark.
(2) small holes in repair: air bed is completely dry, or emission of air, drops at the hole then agent. Finish line air, so the adhesive is inhaled, to seal the hole. Adhesive after hardening.
(3) damage repair: to discourage air bed is completely dry, patched cloth coated with glue, hole in the air bed surface coated with glue, dry for 30 seconds to 3 minutes (depending on high or low temperatures may be), breakage of fitting in, pressed for 4 hours before using.

6, clean:
the mattresses inflated to the maximum limit, tightly close the valve, with a soft brush and a low stimulating household degreasing detergent or detergent, washed thoroughly after washing with water in the bathtub, dry completely saved.

7, notes:
(1) do not close to the sharp things (barbed plant or a sharp stone or blades).
(2) when not using the tents, air beds, our honey vinigrate homemade sauce.
(3) do not use as a float.
(4) keep away from flames or sparks.
(5) when the temperature is high, not to swell and close the valve of the air bed in cars or tents.
(6) do not stained with suntan lotion or basic medicines.
(7) not to prolonged exposure to sunlight, ultraviolet material slowly makes its surface damage.
(8) Please put where pets can't touch.
(9) the gas nozzle partially hard, during breaks should avoid it.


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