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HP HP CB435A nude toner for laser printer中文版 | Report Item
HP HP CB435A nude toner for laser printer HP HP CB435A nude toner for laser printer HP HP CB435A nude toner for laser printer
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  • Updated : 2016-05-26 15:53
  • Toner for laser printer HP toner color: Black applicable models: HP LaserJet P1002/1003/1004/1005/1006/1009
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cartridge for laser printer

brand: HP

color: Black

applicable models: HP LaserJet P1002/1003/1004/1005/1006/1009

Shou .

toner life refers to the amount of paper printer can print cartridge. Can print more amount of paper cartridges, longer service life. The toner life length is decided by the photosensitive drum. For the print job is relatively difficult in small office users should be willing to higher monthly print load 10000 page more than and long-lived cartridges (life of up to 20000 pages) pay more to buy cost -- models of the two index of high reliability generally are more prominent, otherwise motionless cardboard and "Pawo, frequent replacement toner cartridge will greatly reduce the efficiency of print, increased maintenance and overall printing costs. according to different photosensitive material , at present people can cartridge is divided into three kinds: cartridge for OPC ( organic photoconductive materials ) , and Se cartridges and ceramic cartridge. In the use of life, toner cartridge OPC generally 3000 pages or so, toner cartridge Se 10000, ceramic cartridge for 100000.

Avoid toner long time exposure to bright light, as 2. Cartridge in when not in use don't rip bags, especially not to open any photosensitive drum cartridge retaining plate, if continuous exposure in the bright light in ten minutes over light drum will be scrapped. 3, when replace the toner, the best vacuum cleaner machine placed cartridge, use a soft cloth to clean paper to accumulate the scraps of paper and toner, exposed electrical contact piece available cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol, in order to maintain good electrical contact. 4, don't arbitrarily used in military rotation OPC drum core, OPC drum core to rotate must pay attention to the direction, if the rotating in the wrong direction, the damaged parts caused by printing leakage powder or print stains. 5, print paper do not use crease incision, not neat or too thick, excellent etc. The paper will affect the print quality and wear of the photosensitive drum. 6, toner cartridge printer before first to horizontal shaking 6-8, loose toner and uniform distribution, then the seal and pull out. Otherwise, it may appear a piece of a uniform. 7, cartridges from the display, ensure the hard drive or any other magnetic material.

The storage and use of

laser printer to print quality is good, the noise is small, quickly won the favor of consumers. In recent years, the laser printer's market share is rapidly increasing, and has become the leading product of the market. Toner cartridge is very important in laser printer parts, toner cartridge has a direct influence on the printing quality, toner life influence to printing costs. The author's working practice for many years, of laser printer toner cartridges for storage, maintenance experience, hope help on the use of laser printer user. general situation, the original laser printer toner cartridges with protective packaging of design, to provide the storage time for as long as possible. Besides the packing seal, also be special tape to seal up, in order to calculate the date of production, a storage are sealed packaging cartridge life expectancy for about two and a half years (referring to the storage time plus the using time ) . note: once sealed packaging is damaged, the recommended storage and use the total time for six months. storage not Kaifeng cartridges should remember the following points: 1. to put (arrow to ) 2. in normal environment stored ( under normal temperature and humidity ) 3. avoid direct sunlight and near the heat source ( such as heating and steam pipes in the direction specified on the package.

se drum full foot a piece

4. such as stored in the warehouse work, should meet the following conditions: opened the package, such as exposure to bright light. Photosensitive drum surface material properties will deteriorate. If the sun, about 10000 ~ 30000 lux will make permanent damage to the toner cartridge. Moreover, the environment will affect the properties of the toner. storage has open the sealed packaging cartridge should remember the following points: 1. out of the package out of toner cartridges must be used up within six months. After six months, the performance of each component of the cartridge will become unstable, and print quality will decline, decline depends on at the time of the environment . 2. avoid toner from direct sunlight or under the window. In the hot season, do not insert the cartridge in the car for a long time (even if it is not Kaifeng drum ). The dramatic changes in temperature and humidity environment avoid 3. such as air conditioning or heating next to. 4. avoid dust environment or near the corrosive chemicals, such as ammonia or organic solvent vapor . The industry as raw science map

Key to imaging in the printing process is carbon powder toner cartridges in, then what makes these carbon powder in the final page document? First of all we need to know what is called latent image. Toner cartridge is a surface coated with organic selenium (materials, a rare element) cylinder advance with charge, when light irradiation by irradiation sites occur resistance response. And to transmit data signals control the laser emission and scan in the drum surface light changing all the time, this will in some places affected by irradiation resistance becomes small, the charge disappear, some places didn't have light, still retain a charge, eventually, toner surface formed by the charge of the latent image.

and carbon powder cartridge is a take charge of fine resin particles, carbon powder charge and toner surface charges of opposite polarity. When a charged drum surface after coating roller, parts of the charge it adsorbed toner particles, so the latent image becomes the true image. and when the drum rotate in the work at the same time, the printing system to print paper sent, and tape printing on and toner surface polarity is the same but a lot of strong charge. Then the paper after a toner cartridge, toner cartridge surface are attracted to print paper, the image on the surface of the paper formed. At this time, ink and printing paper is just by the attractiveness of charge together, be sent printer in the print paper before and after high temperature heating, toner is melting, in the cooling process of curing on the surface of the paper. The toner attached to print paper, toner surface continues to rotate, after a cleaner, the remaining toner are removed, in order to enter the cycle of a print.

to solve problems

laser printer is designed using the principle of graphic induction on semiconductor surface charge. The surface is reacted with an optical image and discharged on the specified area, thereby generating an electrostatic image. Then, the image and coloring materials (Tan Fen) contact, the coloring material selectively adsorbed to the electrostatic image, then transfer to the ordinary paper. laser printer is equipped with a controller, used to coordinate laser beam scanning and regulate the movement of light drum and paper, to control print print spot. Resolution is usually 12 to 16 point /mm, printed bar code is the most narrow strip up to 0.20mm. This printer is suitable for high and medium density bar code printing. Today . In order to let everyone in the daily application of more handy, we especially find the laser printer daily problems and solutions, to help unravel the mystery






opened a small cartridge seal with toner

factory print test when , left traces of toner in the magnetic roller or the magnetic roller bin

clean can be used


first print color with a shallow depth

storage or improper transportation

Remove the toner cartridge can be Akira level several times


hand printed , writing off

printing paper is too thick

for tissue

fixing part fault

repair fixing component


printing process showed a slight noise

cartridge problem or installation

or replace the toner from the newly installed


print fuzzy

The surface of the photosensitive drum damp

play a few more to


print color or a round of uneven

has run out of toner damp agglomerate or toner

replacement toner

toner aging

replace the toner

printer transfer roller dirty or aging

clean or replace the transfer roller


hollow words

paper excellent or surface light

The replacement of paper

wet paper

The replacement of paper

quality toner

replacement toner


bottom ash

photosensitive drum aging

replace drum

charging roller dirty or damaged

clean or replace the charging roller

quality toner

replacement toner


black paper

printer heating components have been bad

replacement heating component

bad contact toner

from the newly installed toner cartridge



printer arranged in loose

clean printer or play a few more Zhang

photosensitive drum scratch

replace drum


printer cannot detect cartridge

printer not cleared

Disconnect the power supply , reboot reset

wrong toner cartridges

model identification , replace the toner

bad contact toner

from the newly installed toner cartridge

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