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Lennon 2013 new sexy adjust health brand Bras underwear 6,107 no rims 中文版| Report Item
Lennon 2013 new sexy adjust health brand Bras underwear 6,107 no rims Lennon 2013 new sexy adjust health brand Bras underwear 6,107 no rims
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  • Updated: 2016-06-05 10:25
  • Selling points: applies, the large, mega-breasts, especially distressed to too big in the chest, breast meat is soft, walking chest shaking, tits concentration, scaling out sagging, armpit Accessory breast, maternal, breast disease, galactophore hyperplasia, women after breast surgery, suitable for back fat, hump, spinal deformities, and Office jobs, crowd.
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  • Color category: Black pigmented, champagne
  • Size: 75C/34 75D/34 75E/34 75F/34 75G/34 80B/36 80C/36 80D/36 80E/36 80F/36 80G/36 85C/38 85D/38 85E/38 85F/38 85G/38 90C/40 90D/40 90E/40 90F/40 90G/40 95C/42 95D/42 95E/42 95F/42 95G/42Cup size: Full Cup
  • Cup height: Thin mold Cup
  • Cup lining: Nylon
  • Cup lining: Cotton
  • Cup lining material: 61%-80%
  • Wings fabric: Nylon
  • Flank: Nylon
  • Mold Cup fabric: Other materials
  • Fabrics commonly known as: Lace fabric
  • Shoulder strap: Two-strap
  • Buckle: Five-row buckle
  • Blades: No blade
  • Rims: No rims
  • Exterior design: V-type
  • Pattern: Solid color
  • Style details: Lesbian
  • Features: Collection
  • Applicable season: Spring

    适用季节:  春季

Our slogan is

Not afraid! Not afraid! Fear not!

Our publicity is

Busty breasts shrink, one wearing!

Wearing our Bras is the highest level of


No rims, no oppression, no burdens!

(Leading the 2013 dominated three health products)

This section is divided into: b, c, d, e, f, g cups, three colors, across more than 100 sizes for the crowd super wide. As long as that corresponds to your size, whether large, medium and small chest, is very suitable for wearing! Comfortable and healthy!

推荐理由: This is three rows of five or four rows of five buckle buckle full Cup BRA, overlay area, inclusive good support and is satisfied that the accumulation ability of attributes. Love of new and old customers! Noble elegant, and package full, and prevent chest vibration and spills, and no oppression sense of, and ventilation sex strong; independent three film type stereo crop, simple close, and return fat, and bound fat meat, super high side than better of received Deputy breast, reduce shoulder and back of pressure; cover Cup for senior nylon, in material for cotton quality fabric, is light and smooth, clean dry, anti-stink inhibition bacteria; inline premium silky memory tendons article, slim Johnson attitude.

特别推荐: Busty ladies dressed; while for physiological period expansion Shi, for night sleep solid Shi, for breast increased lest pressure special times , for fertility lactating dressed; No rims bra special for chest larger of MM were wearing, regardless of is postpartum MOM also is General MM were usually wearing are has regulation breast and around blood cycle, return fat, prevent breast hyperplasia and breast cancer of role!

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