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龙安阁天然A货缅甸翡翠冰糯种飘花玉手镯带证书 中文版| Report Item
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  • Updated: 2015-03-14 19:37
  • About Product:Delicate texture, immaculate, three years ' jade, jade dependant life Kettle-Pearl and Cliff not Kwu, Jade Mountain wood run
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Jade, whose English name called Jadeite. From Spain the words Pridra Yiada, meaning pendant, gemstone in the waist, in the 16th century, the Emerald is considered to be a way to cure lower back pain and pain of kidney stones. In ancient China, the "Fei", "green" be used separately refers to AKABANE finches and blue feather birds (according to the years of the Eastern Han dynasty the Shuo Wen Jie Zi Xu Shen).  
Jadeite, mainly composed of mineral called Jadeite, is a kind of clinopyroxene in the alkaline pyroxenite, composed of numerous small fibrous micro-Crystal aspect of the interwoven into dense aggregates, with felt-like structure. Basic physical properties: high degree of fortitude, able to withstand high impact force and pressure, rub the hardness 6-7, larger than the hardness of nephrite jade.

The ancients speak of jade weared by Baron is beautiful, gold contain invaluable the price jade. Jade buried underground for tens of thousands of years, or hundreds of millions of years, contains a lot of mineral elements in jade, so it is often said that people keep jade, jade dependants. If the human body is good moisture in the long jade weared by Baron jade, Jade's head which is folded and luminosity will be better and better and brighter. If the human body is not good long-term jade weared by Baron, jade will allows the body to absorb all the minerals in health care, for example, Ms Dai Yu bracelets usually bring the left hand, is good for the heart. Jade pillow for cerebral and clever, the ancient emperors like jade pillows, like jade pillow for longevity in ancient China's emperors were long. And then, as the compendium of Materia Medica also has an introduction to jade health effects.

Benefits of Dai Yu
in China since ancient times, "Jade" reputation, depending on the Jade of the ancients, such as Bao, as Jane jewelry pendant, with. Ancient medical books called "the beauty of yunaishi, Gan Xingping nontoxic" keeper on its feet and that jade is the human body's most abundant material. Think sucks with jade, with saliva instead of synergy, "stimulate saliva, with the exception of heat in the stomach, tired men, AIDS cardio-pulmonary, moisten the throat, hair. "Thus not only as jewelry, jade decorations, decorative purposes, and also for health fitness. Since ancient times, does not leave the Jade dynasty Imperial concubines generations regimen, Emperor Huizong Zong Shiyu appreciation, Yang Yu Zhen Shu.
Yu-ren mechanism have been confirmed by modern science. According to chemical analyses, jade contains a variety of useful trace elements in the human body, such as zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, selenium, chromium, manganese, cobalt, wearing Jade allows trace elements are absorbed through the skin of the human body, activation of cells and tissues, enhance the body's immune function. Therefore, TCM said "medicine cannot cure some diseases, often wore jade to cure diseases", truth lies in this. If wearing a green jade bracelet long-term healthy massage, not just be passive, except for blurred vision maladies, and Xu Li from the spirit.

Bracelet Dai Fa:
the bones of wolves, soft and hard levels and narrow, determines the size of bracelets, is generally to use Palm's tiger bone is the best. A little hard to get into as well. So as not to slip.
Easier method is as follows:
(1), relax, don't worry, do not force his hand, that is the key.
(2), burned hot water with micro-foam hands, make hand relaxed, soft.
(3), using hand SOAP covered hands, hands soft and smooth.
(4), if your hands are soft, fingers sliding together to advance.
(5), tiger bone is very hard, can be divided into two steps: first step to extend the slide bracelets to wolves, then thumb sliding in the second step.
(6), then wash hands and bracelets

Most natural gemstones are natural cotton, cracking, and artificial scarcity sanding marks and little size error.
Jade cotton, gluten, grain, and does not belong to the defect area. JIU Wen ten jade, jade stone within the ice cracks are formed naturally, not under the defective areas. Limited by technology, jade, polished product surface polishing, edge of where there may be a little rough, uneven, also included is not defective! Jades are a specific commodity, truly a near perfect baby rarely.

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