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Supply boxing speed ball adult professional vertical fist vent ball child household tumbler Kit 中文版| Report Item
Supply boxing speed ball adult professional vertical fist vent ball child household tumbler Kit
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  • Updated: 2018-04-25 11:07
  • Boxing speed ball adult professional vertical fist vent ball child household tumbler Kit
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Above 1000pcs   ¥ 60.00 /pc
100pcs ~999pcs   ¥ 75.00 /pc
1pcs ~99pcs   ¥ 80.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Origin: Hebei Dingzhou

Our company has strong technical force and superior products,the company spirit of "customer first, service first" for the purpose, with the highest quality products, best service, winning the praise of our customers. The distribution of fitness machines and entertainment products, covering major domestic brand-name products, ever really reach the boutique collection, professional distribution.

As the market continues to expand, the company in order to better serve customers, professional multiple service technicians have been trained, customer purchase installation, maintenance, service, so rest assured that you buy, and ease of use.

Shop the style dumbbells, barbells, and factory outlets. Wholesale, interested parties may contact the shop.

Has all kinds of weight dumbbells, buyers of various weights can be configured according to their needs themselves. 10-80KG weights are configurable. Buyers can choose according to their own economic conditions, different materials, different weights of dumbbell/barbell. The barbell. Dumbbell bars, barbell bars, and bar for sale



1: this baby is plated dumbbells, newly opened when a rubber placed on ten days will not have the, but this does not affect its quality, took into account before clear

2: pictured above are pictures but due to light different monitors, and many other external causes weather can cause physical and pictures with small color difference is color is normal mind to kiss before the shoot be careful ~

3: plated dumbbell has the advantage of small size glue smell was weaker

Plated dumbbells outer coating is for cast iron small float inside light, feet a pair weighs 15 kilos in weight, which are two, each 0.7KG only when training heavy increasing or decreasing weight!

Question one: exercise dumbbell exercises are very important?
Answer: Yes, master the anvil chorus practice speed is the key. Slow
speed in order to achieve the purpose of practicing, an action exercise with 2-3 seconds. Exercises for a long time, can also be maintained for much longer.

Problem two: How can I improve the speed of weight loss?
Answer: during training before the anvil chorus, doing warm-up exercises first, after you finish anvil chorus, then other sports such as jogging, cycling, walking, swimming, etc.

Problem three: When can I add dumbbells weight?
Answer: it seems that you practice successfully. If you currently use dumbbells from shoulder to overhead lift under 35 are consistent, then it is time to change the dumbbell. Muscles in your body have been increased at this time, and then use the weight of the dumbbells cannot continue to help you improve, so please send dumbbell weight 50 g

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