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"Natural" natural gifts-honey wax flower pendant in Perth in the Baltic Sea (selection) 中文版| Report Item
"Natural" natural gifts-honey wax flower pendant in Perth in the Baltic Sea (selection) "Natural" natural gifts-honey wax flower pendant in Perth in the Baltic Sea (selection)
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  • Updated : 2016-04-17 09:26
  • Amber is the tertiary resin of coniferous plants, with the help of geological burial ground, after long periods of geological time, curing resin loss of volatile components and aggregates, forming amber. It is often associated with coal seams.
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Amber is tertiary resin of coniferous plants, geological burial ground, after a very long geological periods, and aggregate, cured the formation of amber resin loss of volatile constituents. It often goes along with the coal seams and to give birth. Amber is a hydrocarbon containing succinate and amber resin, chemical composition to C10H16O, carbon 79%, hydrogen 10.5%, 10.5% oxide, sometimes containing small amounts of hydrogen sulfide. Shape of amber pie, kidney-shaped, tumor-like, elongated teardrop-shaped and other irregular shapes. An amorphous mass. Color is yellow, Orange, Brown and yellow-brown or dark red, light green, lavender and yellow varieties are extremely rare.
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