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"Natural" natural Brazil exquisite crystal jewelry, citrine bracelet gift (selection) 中文版| Report Item
"Natural" natural Brazil exquisite crystal jewelry, citrine bracelet gift (selection) "Natural" natural Brazil exquisite crystal jewelry, citrine bracelet gift (selection) "Natural" natural Brazil exquisite crystal jewelry, citrine bracelet gift (selection)
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  • Updated: 2016-12-03 09:53
  • Natural natural faceted yellow Crystal bracelet * efficacy: main side wealth. Citrine yellow cosmic energy, commonly known as the stone of wealth. Mild yellow gives the soul harmony impetus to enhance Reiki, it is with pride and joy.
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Effect of tourmaline tourmaline homonym "evil" heating becomes electrically charged, thus mineral name is called "tourmaline". Is a favorite of Empress Dowager Cixi, in the Imperial Palace of the Qing dynasty of China, a larger proportion of tourmaline jewellery. Now, tourmaline is a popular mid-range gemstone varieties, known as the October birthday stone. As Crystal mounts, tourmaline prices are also rising fast. Tourmaline prices can go to reference Jin Jie NET tourmaline set. Color: multicolor symbiosis, and common bi-color zones of symbiotic phenomena, it is contained in the book, are Yang in red, yellow, green and white yin, Yin and Yang, and living things, also known as is a charming gem. Colors rose red, purple, green, and blue is the best, followed by yellow, Brown, black and pink, and colorless. Quality features: tourmaline belongs to middle-grade gemstones. Because born is internal more ice crack of, permeability degree poor, and usually surface injury also more, beads trail more big more obviously, so price also difference very far; while, color more gorgeous more has gloss its price also more high, which, color of gorgeous most important, second is ice crack of amount, defects degree, because crowd pursuit and favorite bi Lord Privy Seal most are is stems from its gorgeous of gem gloss, certainly with all crystal as, head more big also more your has; Jin Jie network of bi Lord Privy Seal are has quality guarantee, can assured purchased. In ornamental of when, usually will bi Lord Privy Seal put in shot lamp following on can clearly to see its permeability and more color gorgeous of beautiful, certainly it of ice crack also will revealed exhaust has; often has guest complained by buy of bi Lord Privy Seal bad, especially like perfect crystal of friends, while understand natural Crystal most Visual Shang will has defects, but sometimes still difficult accept bi Lord Privy Seal of defects, actually bi Lord Privy Seal is cannot with white Crystal, and purple Crystal, and yellow Crystal, Crystal permeability class of Crystal phase comparison of, ice crack is it regrets of trait, And the color is gorgeous is all pursuit of favorite causes, so selection of tourmaline is a bit of a pity. Wearing experience: BI Lord Privy Seal and most crystal as, contact popularity by people wearing Hou, its gloss will better, and crystal will more permeability, General wearing in short times within will has more obviously of changes, so also grade of new buy of bi Lord Privy Seal is no wearing a time Hou of bi Lord Privy Seal beautiful of; also bi Lord Privy Seal and said electrical stone, is because heating Hou of bi Lord Privy Seal ends, will with different of charge, easy adsorption dust, so placed a time not wearing and again wearing Shi, will degaussing purification Hou again with soft cloth gently wipe try Hou again wearing has And finally remember your beloved baby (including all Crystal baby) are more vulnerable to collisions and injuries, so the Golden sister network after buying tourmaline, worn with caution. 〖 Five TRANS 〗 tourmaline spiritual role vary depending on colors Crystal, all with the harmonic characteristics of the five elements, say popular, is to fill shortages, reconciling five lines. 〗 〖 Spirituality plutus knotting, fuwangfuwang rich, harmonic energy in the spar of the five elements are the strongest, most is crystal family enrichment, auspicious, power gem, women wear more wangfuwang fiscal effect, therefore there called tourmaline-"Crystal". Reportedly her energy can be transformed depending on temperature, smooth flesh, Qi and blood deficiency, weak, sensitivity to cold is ideal. Black and Tan effect of tourmaline on lower limbs is best, to treat rheumatism, arthritis, and green tourmaline can help your heart and lung function, helps business wealth. Red tourmaline can help stomach health, blood circulationis good, also help enhance femininity and love.

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