• Category: Women's Wear
  • Shop No.: Y3-0390
  • Street:6
  • Floor:3
  • Gate No.:26
  • Market:Huangyuan Market
  • Main Products: Women's garment, T-shirt, shirt, skirt
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  • Mobile: 18657935115
  • TIPS:The email address @yiwugou.com is customer service center of YIWUGOU.COM. You may kindly attach shop no. or web address you are looking up now. It is important and will be helpful for them to assist you to get contact with the exact shop keepers effectively and efficiently.
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  • juanzi
  •      Welcome to juanzi. The booth is located at Y3-0390, 6 Street, 3F, 26 Gate, Huangyuan Market,Yiwu,China,Category:Women's Wear, Area:14㎡,Main Products:Women's garment, T-shirt, shirt, skirt.
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