• Category: Commodity Distribution
  • Shop No.: 67272,67273
  • Street:3
  • Floor:4
  • Gate No.:South connected building
  • Market:International Trade Mart (District 5)
  • Main Products: Combs, mirrors, a spray bottle, nail clippers, and sticky hooks, toothbrush holders, headsets, cables, glass mug, wallet, mobile power, mouse pads
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Phone: 0086 57981067682
Mobile: 0086 13235790878
E-mail: 2276275989@qq.com

  • Ugly chick boutique is located in the international trade city, Yiwu, Jinhua city, Zhejiang Province, four floor of five 67272 South State Street connects three stores. our operating a variety of school supplies, complete product ... price concessions. Welcome domestic and international old and new customers to shop and purchase. consultation hotline at 13735781940.13235790878
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