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  • Main Products: Seamless underwear, tights, corset, chest wrapped, warm clothes, bra students.
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  • Laiyin Underwears Firm
  • Company profile Asia Head Office of the Secretary of lingerie was founded in 2000 in Kunming city, Yunnan province, the main agent of all domestic and international sales of big brand corsets. 2004 Asian Secretary lingerie line in international trade city, Yiwu, Zhejiang set up branch dealing in the production, wholesale, sale and export of commercial services. Asian Ministers mainly produce and sell corsets underwear line, warm clothing, bras, vests the students products. Asian Secretary of Bank's own brand of underwear ' Rhine ' series of underwear, recoil effect of body in line with the Chinese female body characteristics, and extremely comfortable, the selection in the choice of fabrics, styles, design innovation is leading the industry, allowing the perfect combination of beauty and comfort for the first time. Rhine with "fashion, em more >> phasizing balance, comfort, Yun-Ho" design concept as the starting point and creativity, has introduced a line with "science, health, elegant, romantic" brand connotation of recoil-lingerie, feminine beauty and healthy for the world. Since its establishment carry out "pragmatic innovation, the pursuit of excellence beyond the self realized value" approach to development, adhering to the "integrity, standardized management" business philosophy, to provide the market with products of high quality and suitable price, by the praise from dealers and consumers. Company has been committed to providing women "build a beautiful body, care for healthy living", many products have become today's female friends to develop self-confidence, improve the quality of life, shaping the perfect body's secret weapon. Hide >>
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