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  • Hanfan Mesh Belt Jewelry Firm
  • Culvert sail ribbon accessories professional production and sales of various specifications, the material of the ribbon, lace, polyester lace, nylon lace), rib belt, snow yarn, gold and silver green belt, grid belt, jacquard ribbon, Christmas belt, cloth belt, lace belt, woven belt, webbing, kao, belt, Chinese knot (rope), bag rope, polyester embroidery thread, cross half ears, nylon belt, ribbon, all kinds of gift packaging tape, can be ordered to sample weave order sequence after dyeing and printing workshop, hand-made workshop provides thermal cutting ribbons, heading, and customized various specifications of color design printing, cutting processing, all kinds of ribbon bow, handmade flower seed, etc. Products are widely used in clothing, textile, craft headdress flower, headwear, footwear decoration, wedding, high-grade gift packagi more >> ng, and all kinds of festival arts and crafts, jewelry box, holiday decoration, handbags, etc. Warmly welcome new and old customers call! The price is reasonable, quality assurance, timely delivery! Sales hotline: 15669529756/0579-81552881 QQ: 15669529756 fax: 0579-81552881 contacts: what Hide >>
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