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  • Shop No.: 28772
  • Street:2
  • Floor:4
  • Gate No.:63
  • Market:International Trade Mart (District 3)
  • Main Products: running machine, gym machine, treadmills
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  • Mobile: 579-85168766
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Phone: 0086 57985168766
Mobile: 0086 579-85168766
E-mail: wq@wrm-cn.com
Wanrenmi Gym Equipment Firm Report Shop

  • Wanrenmi Gym Equipment Firm
  • Mack daddy is a professional fitness equipment business treadmills, fitness cars, spinning, massage chair, elliptical machine, foot bath, massage equipment and other goods stores, products exported to many countries. The shop was founded more than 10 years has been operating integrity has always been convinced that the movement to be healthy.
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