• Category: Hardware Accessories
  • Shop No.: 13766
  • Street:3
  • Floor:2
  • Gate No.:27
  • Market:International Trade Mart (District 2)
  • Main Products: Diamond saw blades, alloy saw blades, grinding, sealing machine, sewing machine, the first batch,
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陈伟新 吕菊琴
Phone: 0086 57985183766
Mobile: 0086 13396796899
E-mail: 421535638@qq.com
Jiaqi Hardware FirmReport Shop

  • Jiaqi Hardware Firm
  • This shop is located in international city II District II floor f district 29th, door 3 Street 13766 storefront, this shop main operating diamond saw tablets, and alloy saw tablets, and wheel tablets, and sealing machine, milling mouth wrench, ratchet wrench, opening wrench, file, carbon brush, Tiger clamp, disconnection clamp, Eagle mouth clamp, hammer, hand saw, saw frame, cut grass tablets, screwdriver, screws batch head, oil stone, caliper, thousand points feet, measuring thick instrument, Emery cloth volume, sandpaper, wool round, polishing round, hundred leaves, electronic laser, sand with, raw with, network grid cloth, just pieces, Brushed accept OEM, quality assurance, preferential prices. Contact: 13806798641 13396796899
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